Ape Liquid More Than A NFT

What is ApeLiquid

We are massive ecosystem, with membership cards, an amazing and supportive community, and an on-chain turn-based RPG, with evolving PFP collections, dynamic traits, and an in-game token that is also a valid ERC-20 token (swappable for ETH).

Our project is next-level, with 4 major collections thoughtfully connected and almost 30k total NFTs.

Our floor price is steady and growing since mint.

The project delivers constantly to holders, with more than 50% of NFTs as free-airdrops to holders.

Our market capitalization is over 3,000 ETH across all the collections, with over 2,200 ETH in combined volume.

Welcome to the Ape Liquid Community! We’re glad you found us! I’m sure you’re wondering:

What the heck is this forge?
Why am I seeing all these journeys and events?
What’s a mythic gateway?
What’s the difference between a Liquid Key and an Ape Liquid Membership?

We’re gonna help you answer all of your ApeLiquid (AL) questions in this short thread so that you can fully understand the ecosystem.

Ape Liquid Ecosystem Pathways

Ape Liquid (AL) is a diverse ecosystem that allows for multiple points of entry and multiple investment strategies. There is no singular pathway for everyone and we recommend learning about the breadth and depth of what AL has to offer.

1) Buy and hodl – caveman math. Since inception, buying and holding Ape Liquid ecosystem assets has yielded enormous value from free airdrops, reduced mints, free claims, or floor price appreciation. One of the best NFTs to hold historically has been the Ape Liquid Membership – from which came Legends, 100 initial METL, Invaders, Keys, passive METL yield, and best of all more is to come.

2) Buy, Forge, and hodl – passive value. We are able to stake aka Forge our assets on the AL platform for 1% per month of last 7-days average sales price. The NFT we Forge is the exact same one we will get back. No one else is able to move our NFT except for the owner who put it in. In order to Forge NFTs, we need to “unlock” the Forge with a Liquid Key and then pay gas per NFT that we move over.

3) Buy, Journey, earn – blend of passive and active value. Through encountering events, Journeys are able to generate significant value through gaining AL ecosystem NFTs, in-game items, and METL. There is a chance of an event happening every 6 hours or they can be triggered manually by burning an artifact. In order to go on a Journey, we need a Liquid Key to unlock the Gateway, an artifact to burn, and a PFP NFT. A Journey Pack is also highly recommended.

4) Be a part of the Ape Liquid community – communal Web3 support. We are stronger together. All apes liquid. Ape Liquid has one of the strongest, most educated, and passionate communities in the NFT space. We are here to mutually support each other’s investment goals and encourage good citizenship.

Feel free to participate in any or all of the above options according to your comfort level.

ApeLiquid is a super Web3 community consisting of multiple NFT collections. Here is a list of all of the collections and a quick summary on what purpose they serve:


Ape Liquid Membership (1,651 total) – https://opensea.io/collection/apeliquid

-This is the genesis/foundation of AL. Owning this grants you 10 METL per month + a portion of 33% of Azuki Ape Social Club Royalties also will have future drops for holding.

Liquid Keys – https://opensea.io/collection/liquid-keys

– Liquid Keys from ApeLiquid.io can EVOLVE and unlock the Liquid Forge and the Mythic Gateway, which allows the holder to evolve a Mythic Creature by sacrificing a Liquid Legend, Liquid Invader, Azuki Ape Social Club, or Typical Tiger + Baby Cub, and by burning a Liquid Artifact to activate the Mythic Gateway and evolution process.

Liquid Legends (3,333 total) – https://opensea.io/collection/liquid-legends

Legends are legendary Comic book style hero PFP
Why should I get it? To receive drops, can be sent on Journeys to evolve and develop, or put into the Forge to earn passively.

Liquid Invaders (3,333) – https://opensea.io/collection/liquid-invaders

Comic book style alien PFP
Why should I get it? To receive abductions from the Alien Ship (must be Forged), can be sent on Journeys to evolve and develop, or put into the Forge to earn passively.

– All invaders are eligible for 🛸│abductions which are random Ape Liquid NFT airdrops

Typical Tigers (3,900 total) – https://opensea.io/collection/typical-tigers

Cartoon styled charity PFP
Why should I get it? 50% of royalties goes to charity, can be sent on Journeys to evolve and develop, or put into the Forge to earn passively.

– Community driven charity project helping to #SaveTheTigers (+$25k in donations)

Baby Cub Tigers (3,945 total) – https://opensea.io/collection/baby-cub-tigers

– Sister collection to Typical Tigers

Azuki Ape Social Club (3,333 total)

Japanese style ape PFP
Why should I get it? Monthly holder drops, weekly social events, access to merch, can be sent on Journeys to evolve and develop, or put into the Forge to earn passively.

– Grants access to high quality streetwear, trivia + poker nights + IRL utility giveaways

Mythic Artifacts – https://opensea.io/collection/mythic-artifacts

In game utility NFT
Why should I get it? To start a Journey, trigger an event, claim items to a Journey Pack, and more. Worlds are best matched.

– Combine to create new evolved Artifacts or burn to activate the Mythic Gateway and go on a Journey!

What are Journeys?
A Journey is a blockchain event where your NFT (Legend, Invader, Azuki Ape, Tiger) will enter through the Mythic Gateway and go on a journey to a designated world for at least 30 days to encounter events and evolve.

What are the basic requirements to go on a Journey?
You will need at least 3 NFTs – A Liquid Key, character NFT, and Mythic Artifact. For those who want to send a Tiger, you will also need to “burn” a Baby Cub Tiger.

What happens to these 3 NFTs?
Your Key will move to the Mythic Gateway wallet, your character NFT will stay in your wallet, and your Mythic Artifact will be burned forever.

Where do I go to start a Journey?

https://apeliquid.io/ under the “Begin a Journey” card. There will be multiple transactions that need to happen before the Journey can begin. Please make sure you have sufficient ETH to cover all gas costs ($25-40)

What happens to my NFTs when I start a Journey?

For Journeys:
-Your Key is moved into the Gateway Wallet here: https://opensea.io/0x55924Fb01a0005c71d350B84572bF98f9f535eB6
-Your artifact is burned forever. There is no way to recover the artifact burned, choose wisely.
-Your NFT stays in your own wallet

When a Journey is initiated, your NFT has a very small % every 12 hours to have an event. Events are rare and random. There are hundreds of possible events that could happen to your NFT. Burning an artifact guarantees that an event will happen to your NFT immediately.

You can always check whether your Journey is active on the blockchain here by

If you would like to check the status of your Journey and what elements you put into it you can do a query on contract here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x55924Fb01a0005c71d350B84572bF98f9f535eB6#readContract

-Go to Box 1: ActiveJourneys
-Enter in your Key ID
-Click Query

It’ll show the Key ID, NFT project address, NFT ID, artifact ID, and which Mythic World the NFT is traveling to.

How do I view the historical images of events and also the original image of the NFT?

1) Navigate to your NFT on OpenSea
2) Expand the Details dropdown menu
3) Click on the Token ID to go to the JSON file
4) Scroll to the bottom to find the different images

What role does Key rarity play in Journeys?

The rarity of your Key affects the initial world you enter, frequency of events, and the type of events you might encounter.

Rarer Keys also gives you better chances of getting drops from events.

Where can I check whether my Journey was started or ended successfully?

Etherscan will let you know of new Journeys and also Journeys that have ended. It’s all on the blockchain:

Do I need to match the Key’s world and artifact?
It’s recommended to match the Key’s world and artifact world for best results. But you can pair any Key with any artifact and any NFT. Results may vary.

Why should I go on a Journey?
Each Journey is uniquely yours and depending on the world, Key attributes, events, and traits of the underlying NFT, the image will evolve.

There is also the chance to encounter an event while on the Journey. These can either be positive, negative, or neutral. These events are rare and random, but rarer Keys increases your chances. Positive events can give you items such as weapons, pets, enhancements, METL that you can either use or sell on the secondary market.

What are the different outcomes of events while on the Journey?

When events happen either naturally or triggered through burning an artifact, there are three possible outcomes:

1) Positive – enhancements, pets, armor, weapons, etc. are gained.
2) Negative – enhancements, pets, armor, weapons, loot chests, etc. are lost.
3) Neutral – nothing is gained or lost.

Triggering an event by burning an artifact does not guarantee it will be a positive outcome.

Events may have other effects on the evolution of your NFT not captured in the above outcomes.

This is a developing answer as more details about the game come to light.

What effect will events on a Journey have on the NFT?

The more events an NFT has, the more “rare” or “evolved” it will become. The script will track historical events, which will affect the types of future events the NFT will encounter and the outcomes of those events.

What happens if an event “resets” my Journey?

Your Journey is effectively reset to “Stage 1”, which means everything resets back to the initial Journey beginning and you start over at the Gateway. You also lose any items attached to your NFT and your waiting period starts over as well.

Is it possible to have the same event happen twice in a row?

The chances are incredibly small but yes it is possible to have an event occur twice or to trigger an event that you’ve had before.

If I had a item (artifact, weapon, enhancement, pet, armor, or loot chest), can it be replaced by a new item in a subsequent event?

Yes, until an item is claimed from your NFT it can be replaced by another item in a subsequent event (the new item might be more or less rare).

Gaining Items From Your Journey:

Journey Packs

How do I obtain a Journey Pack?

You can get a Journey Pack by encountering an event either randomly or triggering one, or purchasing on OS (https://opensea.io/collection/journey-packs)

Is it one Journey Pack per Journey?

No, Journey Packs are wallet wide. A Waystation event for any NFT can move items into Journey Packs with open slots.

How do items transfer from the NFT to the Journey Pack?

Once a Waystation event occurs, the attached items on your NFT will move into Journey Packs that have the capacity and open slots for that specific item. Items will go into JPs in chronological order (from lowest #). Each slot can hold 1 of that Item, for example the “Armor” slot can only hold 1 Armor NFT.

If the slot or Journey Pack is full, the Item will move onto the next open slot or Journey Pack if applicable. If all slots or Journey Packs are full, the item will stay on the NFT. If your Journey Pack is “missing” a slot, when the Item transfers over that slot will be created.

METL will not transfer over as NFTs as METL cannot be lost from events.

What NFTs can Journey Packs can or cannot hold?

Journey Packs can hold Azukis, Legends, Invaders, Keys, Journey Packs, and other items such as weapons, enhancements, pets, loot chests, and other items that can be found from Journeys.

Journey Packs cannot hold Ape Liquid Memberships.

Can I lose items that are in Journey Packs? Can I lose Journey Packs themselves?

If a Journey Pack is in your wallet (not attached to an NFT on a Journey) then items inside are safe from events. You cannot lose a Journey Pack that’s in your wallet. You can however, lose a Journey Pack that’s attached to your NFT if it hasn’t been claimed yet.

How many items does a Journey Pack come with?

It will vary, but Journey Packs can come with capacity + 1 item if minted or claimed from an NFT on a Journey.

How do I end a Journey?
After 30 days, you will have the option to end your Journey on the website. Properties will show the queued evolution date (this is subject to change). If you end the Journey before the evolution date, your NFT will not evolve. The gas to end a Journey varies but will typically be between $50-100.

When will my NFT evolve?

During your Journey, your NFT will begin the process of evolving new traits or attributes, or enhancing them. Your NFT will also be queued for “evolution”, where you will receive a new updated image for the NFT.

An estimated time for the evolution to take place is found on your NFT’s properties. This is subject to change and can move around depending on a number of variables that can happen such as your Journey getting reset by an event or your NFT being named.

After your NFT has evolved, if you keep it on a Journey it will evolve again roughly every 30 days or so depending on a number of variables.

Are there any benefits to naming my NFT that’s on a Journey?

Named NFTs on a Journey get queued to evolve earlier than unnamed ones, giving you priority.

How do I name my NFT?

-Navigate to https://apeliquid.io/ and locate the “Digital Identity” card.
-Choose the NFT you would like named and select payment type. It costs 50 METL or .1 ETH.
-You can then select the name you’d like your character to be named. It cannot be the same as any other named NFT in the ecosystem (Legends, Invaders, Tigers, Azukis)

Liquid METL Basics

What is METL? When was it launched?
-METL is an ERC-20 token that powers the Ape Liquid ecosystem.
-It was launched on 4/20/22 and has a fixed supply of 420,000.

Where is the contract for METL and who wrote it?

-METL contract can be found here: https://etherscan.io/token/0xfcbe615def610e806bb64427574a2c5c1fb55510#code
-The METL contract was created for Ape Liquid and written by the founder – Aleph0ne in collaboration with Ryo

What is METL used for?
-The token that players will use to play the first turn based blockchain RPG in Web3 and can be earned through events.
-Give NFTs a digital name.
-Staked or “Forged” to earn interest (1% per month without a Key) and is also the reward and bonus token received by Forging assets in the Liquid Forge.

What does it mean to “Forge” METL? And does the earned METL from “Forging” auto-compound? How can I claim METL?
-METL can be deposited into the METL Forge contract to earn at a rate of 1% per month or 12% per year. Rewards earned does not compound, as it’s set aside in a separate bucket.
-Principal METL can be removed from the Forge. Earned METL can be claimed.
-Both Forging and claiming can be done on the website – https://apeliquid.io/ or done via contract.

Where can I find the price of METL?
-DEXTools: https://www.dextools.io/app/en/ether/pair-explorer/0x88efd7a4e57d160ab03cc538aa054fee3aa2080c

Where can I swap ETH for METL?
-METL is fully liquid and backed by ETH.
-MetaMask and Uniswap are two of the easiest way to swap WETH/ETH.
-Uniswap – https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2&outputCurrency=0xfcbe615def610e806bb64427574a2c5c1fb55510

Where can I view the holders of METL?
-Holders of METL can be found here: https://etherscan.io/token/0xfcbe615def610e806bb64427574a2c5c1fb55510#balances (edited)
January 17, 2023

$METL + The Forge Overview

The Ape Liquid community is bonded through our native token: $METL – The currency of the Ape Liquid ecosystem.

See the price of $METL here: https://dex.guru/token/0xfcbe615def610e806bb64427574a2c5c1fb55510-eth.

In this message we’ll break down the Forge and in the next we’ll break down the Mythic Gateway and Journeys:

In order to earn $METL you must first unlock the Forge.

What is the Forge and how do I unlock it?
The Liquid Forge allows you to get access and Forge (or “stake”) certain NFTs and earn $METL every single month!

In order to unlock the Forge you must own a Liquid Key. Once you own a Liquid Key and insert it into the Forge (paying a small gas fee) on our website – https://apeliquid.io/ you have officially unlocked the forge!

I unlocked the forge! Now how do I earn $METL?
You can earn $METL by actively “forging” any of the following NFTs:

-Ape Liquid Memberships

-Ape Liquid Keys

-White Hat Society


-Crypto Chicks OG

-Otherside Plots

– Liquid Legends

– Liquid Invaders
– Azuki Ape Social Club
– Typical Tigers
– Baby Cub Tigers

If you own any of the NFTs listed above you may go on the website https://apeliquid.io/ and “ actively forge” those NFTs by paying a small gas fee. Once those NFTs have been forged and have left your wallet and are inserted into the Forge – you can now start earning $METL every month!

What rates do I earn $METL after I forged my NFTs?

This can be a little tricky, so be sure to read this part in full and read through the forge example listed below:

After forging your NFTs you can now earn 1% of the floor price of the specific NFTs in $METL every single month after forging your NFTs for 30 days.

Forge example: If you forge 1 Typical Tiger, and their floor is 1 ETH, then in 30 days you would earn the value of .01 ETH (1% of 1 ETH) in $METL.

And that’s the forge!

Ape Liquid is more than your typical NFT project and the amount of things they have already achieved and continue to create make them more than your normal NFT project here is what they have done.

Post courtesy of CryptoScout Leader RustyDusty




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