Monsoons coming soon? Some forecasters say yes!

Now it is hot and dry. Oh my! Is that in our extended future? Are monsoons coming soon? Some forecasters– experts at the Climate Prediction Center in Maryland– project an earlier and wetter season for the SW Colorado region.  A  map on the CPC website shows a green area (projected rain) over the Colorado-Utah border


weather map Courtesy National Weather Service

and extending across the western half of Colorado, most of Utah, northern Arizona and the northwestern corner of New Mexico. It indicates a 40 percent to 50 percent probability of above-average precipitation for our Southwest area, over the next three months!

Some Federal firefighters have been talking… when is the monsoon coming and how wet will it be?  Monsoon season really is the great hope to deal with local fires. We should know soon as our July and August months usually bring rain.

Ok call the rain:

Monsoon come soon

Monsoon come soon

Monsoon come soon

Let the rains fall down.

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