A Refreshing Durango Summer

Durango, Co seems to offer limitless drinking activities and leisurely opportunities all year round, especially during the Summer months. For a couple refreshing summer activities, here are a few watering holes (both the drinking kind, and the swimming kind) in and around Durango


Sports Club Private Outdoor Pool

The Durango Sports Club offers a refreshing outdoor pool, very near to Downtown Durango. It is a simple and easy escape from town, just off of Florida rd. The Durango Sports Club offers memberships but if you’re just looking for a quick dip in an outdoor pool, they also offer day passes. Adult Swim is every Friday evening from 1pm – 7pm. Alcohol is allowed.


(970) 259-2579


Fenceline Ciders

While Fenceline Ciders is technically located in Mancos, Co, this cidery is well worth the 20 minute drive. They offer a wide range of dry, sweet, or anywhere in between ciders, made from apples grown locally. Fenceline is located directly on the river, which adds to their all-around summer vibe.


(970) 533-4005


“Paradise” on the Animas River

“Paradise” is a series of beaches on the Animas River, located behind the Recreation Center, down a small one-trek dirt trail. The trail leads to several beaches just off of the river. Many Durango locals of all ages spend time here during the summer. The beaches lend to swimming in the river or ample space to lay out and tan.


The Distillery, Durango, Co

The Distillery creates small batches of honey spirits locally in Durango. They are located on 11th st and main, within walking distance of all of Downtown Durango. The Distillery is not average for bars in Durango. Their kind customer service coupled with strong and tasty drinks make The Distillery distinctly itself.




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