A Unique Guide to Durango, Co

Float at Salt 360


I visited Salt 360 for the first time this week. As my first introduction to sensory deprivation tanks, I can say I am highly intrigued and satisfied. At the North end of Durango Salt 360 provides an escape from everyday reality. An entirely relaxing environment awaits you here. The attentive staff accompanies you through the process, which consists of showering, removing contacts and clothes (no bathing suit needed), and entering the sensory deprivation tank. While only 12 inches deep, the water contains 1,000 lbs of Epsom salts creating an environment that requires no effort to float. The bouyancing, coupled with complete silence and darkness promotes complete relaxation. While you are floating, you feel weightless and slip into a meditative state. Salt 360 provides many amenities to make the experience calming and provides a break from the sensory-overload that daily life usually is.


(970) 422-8284

3750 N Main Ave #5, Durango, CO 81301


Hike the Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail is a 486 mile trail from Waterton Canyon (Denver) to it’s Southern terminus in Durango at the Junction Creek Trailhead. The Colorado Trail passes through six wilderness areas and by many incredible mountain passes. I thru-hiked the Colorado Trail in 2016 and feel it is one of the most unique experiences I had as a Durango native. The summer of 2019 will be a heavy snow pack year so make sure to do your research before planning a thru-hike for this summer. This trail is testing and a massive challenge, even for those who are experienced hikers but is worth every sweaty and difficult mile. Colorado’s epic landscapes alter your soul and your heart. Besides, Carver’s Brewing will give you a free beer if you complete the hike!

You can find more information or donate to the Colorado Trail Foundation at https://coloradotrail.org/

Soak at Amaya Natural Therapeutics

Southwest Colorado is the home to many deep, hot, cold, murky, you name it, hot springs. It seems that the nature of going back country skiing or mountain biking is also a long and hot soak in a spring. Naturally, Durango offers several hot spring options. Amaya Natural Therapeutics focuses on a homeopathic process of healing and most importantly, relaxing. With an earthy feel, the large hot tub, cold dip, and dry sauna hit the spot after you’ve hit the mountains.


230 E College Dr, Durango, CO 81301

(970) 247-3939


Wake board at Lake Nighthorse

Although slightly early into lake season (feels even earlier with deceptively cold and unusual May snow storms) Lake Nighthorse is open for activities. I had the opportunity to wake board just last Saturday and I barely even remember the cold weather. The water was blue and the lake, as a Recreational activity for the City of Durango, was beaming. Check out their site for restrictions and parks passes.


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