Anarchy Brewing Joins Durango’s Brewery Scene

Anarchy Brewing

A neighborhood nano-brewery has become Durango’s fifth local brewery, providing our taste buds with small batch beers. Matt “Sully” Sullivan previously served as a firefighter/paramedic and now serves up beers in his tap room. He set out to open Anarchy Brewing as a small community space for live music, fundraising events, and everything in between. Located by the Horse Gulch trail head, Sully combined his punk rock and outdoor passions with this garage like open space. Serving six rotating taps, the brewery offers something for everyone!

SkaSteamworksCarver’s, and Animas Brewing have created a major part of Durango’s community with the beer – and food – they produce. Each gives us their own little twist on goldens, reds, browns, wheats, IPAs, and even hard seltzers to name a few. Durango’s brewery community has created a co-opetition meaning the businesses compete against each other but they also thrive off of trying to brew the best and make the brewing community as a whole. Deemed the Durango Bootleggers Society, they all contribute something special to local events such as the San Juan Brewfest coming up August 28 & 29.

As the summer heats up, enjoy one (or more!) of Durango’s unique breweries. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about Durango’s breweries.

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San Juan Brewfest information is on their website here:

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