We know life has been a bit crazy with the COVID 19 epidemic. One of the most frustrating things is not knowing what resources are available to you during these times. We have collaborated with Durango Strong and Durango like a local to feature the information they have gathered. We are all in this together and it is important that we support all Durangotangs.

Restaurant and Togo options

There are so many restaurants open and available for takeout and even delivery. Durango Strong has featured a table with all of the restaurants in town with additional information like the hours, website, phone number, and additional notes. I personally have used their website to check what options are available for pickup and delivery.

durango open restaurants


Durango strong has compiled a list of all of the local groceries and pharmacies and included important information. We all need to eat and take our medications and this ensures safer and quicker ways to do that. They have included store hours, contact information, special shopping hours for at risk individuals, and if the grocery store has curb side pickup or delivery.

grocery stores covid


Our pets have been our loyal cuddle bugs and they have put up with us constantly walking and annoying them during the quarantine and we want to make sure they are still taken care of during these times. Durango Strongs website has all of the helpful information to ensure the health and comfort of your animals.

feeding pet covid

Durangotangs staying together

We want to remind everyone that the information provided about resources available during COVID 19 are provided by Durango Strong and Durango like a local. During times like these it is important to remember that you aren’t alone and if you need help just ask. Please reach out to us or Durango Strong with any concerns or questions we would be glad to help.

Stay safe out there Durango!


Post Courtesy of Taylor Flores – Bucket List Durango