Durango Derby

Durango Derby is the next evolution of MTB racing. Showcasing 36 miles of Durango’s premium in-town single track with 12 miles of untimed transfers, racers will compete in four unique stages, in one day, on Saturday, September 23rd.

Hardened and professional riders will take on all four stages alone, battling over 50miles to stake their claim in Durango MTB history.

For riders looking for some friendly (or serious) competition amongst friends and families, the Durango Derby will also have 2-person and 4-person team categories.


Are you good at paperwork, spreadsheets, dressing up (or not dressing up) and giving people directions, or a variety of other handy tasks? Well that’s great news! You’d be a perfect candidate for our volunteer team, and we really need volunteers! Plus, we’ll have some official Durango Derby swag for you, and you can wear a costume if you want.

Click the link below to get signed up or share the link with your friends and family.

Post courtesy of DurangoDerby.com

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