Durango Hot Springs

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Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa is now open daily. Formerly known as Trimble Hot Springs, the resort has undergone a massive renovation, along with a new name. The resort includes a saltwater swimming pool and four mineral soaking tubs. The water from these hot springs reaches the surface at 120 degrees, and comes from deep underground. The pool includes a 25-meter lap swim section. The Durango Hot Springs Resort also features a spa, with extensive spa services and treatments.

Hot springs have long been associated with a variety of benefits, and the waters and Durango Hot Springs offer many minerals. Additionally, they use the AquaGen system to infuse NanoBubbles (added oxygen) into the water; they are the first hot springs in the world to do this!

Future renovations include up to 27 total soaking pools, some of which are designated for adults only and others are open to families, allowing relaxation for anyone. The space is truly designed as an oasis for both locals and visitors, an ability to enjoy Durango’s beautiful scenery and weather.

This hot springs has had a long history in Durango, starting back in 1896. We love the integral role this spot has played in Durango’s past, and the way they are planning to move into the future with robust plans and an amazing facility and experience. Take a look at their website for more details: https://www.durangohotspringsresortandspa.com/


Post courtesy of  The Durango Team

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