Our Lovely Local Animas River

animas river

One of our favorite features about Durango is the Animas River, as it runs through the middle of town. For years, this river has provided a variety of outdoor adventures. According to this article on the Duranglers website, “The Animas River is the major stream draining the high alpine terrain of the Needle Mountains. It heads in small meadows on the flanks of Cinnamon Mountain north of Silverton, then plunges through wild canyons as it carves a route between the Needle and West Needle Mountains. By the time it reaches Durango, the Animas has grown to a large river. Out of the mountains the Animas meanders through a shallow depression across broad plains. South of the New Mexico border at Farmington the Animas joins the San Juan River” (https://duranglers.com/animas-river-fly-fishing).

As we head into summer, there are many ways to enjoy the river. Local rafting companies offer guided tours of various parts of the river, and have found ways to maintain COVID guidelines and still provide an adventure on the river. Tubing is a local pastime that allows a leisurely float on the water. Many kayakers enjoy the Animas. Fishing is a popular local sport, and our river has a reputation for large trout—brown and rainbow both thrive in this water (https://duranglers.com/animas-river-fly-fishing).

The Animas River Trail follows the river, and allows walkers, runners, and bicycle riders to enjoy the view. In many ways, the Animas River is the heart of town, and despite all of the Coronavirus changes, it’s open for public use. Consider an adventure on the Animas, but as always exercise caution when on any outdoor activity!

Post Courtesy of The Durango Team

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