3 things you can do to change your ugh-mindset

You are exactly 12-weeks away from the desire you’ve been yearning for – if you start now.

You have a compulsion or few that keep stopping you.

You have subconscious compulsions that stop you from moving forward. (Yes, you do. We all do.) They were installed in your childhood, your young adulthood. Some by well-meaning people who wanted to keep you safe.

Some by manipulative people to keep you caged, cringing, waiting for permission.

Those are the deadly compulsions because they’ll kill every desire you ever have.

They stop you from succeeding. You know that because you keep trying this and that, but nothing works. Nothing sticks.

You’re still slogging through the stinky muck, sinking deeper and deeper.

It hurts. It’s painful. It’ll never end! Your deadly compulsions are just that: deadly.

You really believe you’ll always be fat. Or single. Or broke. Definitely unhappy.

Listen, I know it’s hard to move forward – even though you already know you want to take that first step – and you’ve been trying, but it’s hard. I can see that.

Because I’ve been there and done that. In fact, I still call my old counselor when I find myself getting too bogged down in the stinky muck.

So I personally know the outta-tune chorus you’re hearing every single day.

You’re too busy. There’s not enough time. There’s too much stress going on about everything.

Or else, you convince yourself that you need to do XYZ first, before you can even think about it.

But hear me out. This is important

Because none of those things are going to change.

• There will always be busy-ness.

• There will always be some sort of stress cuz that’s just how it is.

• You’ll always feel like you need to do something else before you can take action.

In fact, your Inner Gremlin will keep setting up more things to do just to distract you from your goal. Slicing your ambition to tattered shreds. Telling you that wanting your desire is all wrong. Trying to make you desperately run the hamster wheel instead of feeding your curiosity and self-worth, making headway.

It’s time to put those ugh-thoughts away. They are your old pattern, the old you mired in the old programming. It’s time to move forward despite all that.

Because that outta-tune chorus running in your background no longer fits. It’s too constricting. It’s like an old cotton T-shirt that’s been washed so often it looks like a sack on you – or a few sizes too small. IKR?

Where am I going with this?

You are exactly 12-weeks away from your desire, the one you’ve been yearning for

As of this moment, you are 12-weeks of interesting reflection and spiritual growth from

• living a healthier lifestyle.

• experiencing better relationships, a healthier love life.

• moving forward in your career; a job that makes you happier.

• increasing your savings account so you can buy your dream house, your dream car, that beautiful dress that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Just 12-weeks. That’s just one season in the year. And you know what?

Those 12-weeks are going to pass no matter how much you procrastinate.

No matter how many promises you make to yourself – and you know what they say about good intentions – inevitably, three months will pass – and then where will you be? No place different than where you are now.

Ugh. Unhappy. Restless. Crying. Wildly sobbing. No hope. Maybe even desperate.

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3 things you can do

  1. Create a checklist of the stuff you want to change. Make them short, like • Better relationships, •Job happiness, •Eat better.
  2. Create a list of Affirmations and chant them several times every day. The key is that they must be at least somewhat believable to begin with and then believe them with every fiber of your soul and loving emotion in your heart.
  3. Search online, search Amazon. Read about every guided meditation that looks like it might work for you. Buy a collection of hypnosis audios for each item on your checklist. They’ll help.

They key is that you have to listen to them daily in order to build a new groove in your brain, the one you need before you can safely say you have a new habit, or a new belief. And you must be consistent about it – or you have to start over again, according to neuroscientists.

After you’ve listened to the first audio consistently for 30 days (it must be 30 consecutive days!) and created your new habit or belief, you can start on the next one. You’ll be making progress!

 What helps faster than a collection of audios?

“I wish I had a me to work with me,” I said to a friend yesterday.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been thinking you can do it yourself. And you keep working on it. sometimes you make progress. Sometimes you don’t. so what would make it easier as well as more beneficial?

A hypnotherapy program with a wise mentor who will help you stop getting in your own way.

An experienced hypnotherapist who composes each guided hypnosis meditation according to your situation, your condition, your beliefs, your wants, and most especially – your needs.

 So here’s my offer for you

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You’re kinda stuck. Maybe you don’t know what to focus on.

“It’s too hard to pick one thing,” you think. “I just wanna be a better person.”

You don’t know what to ask for.

You don’t know what your passion is – or it’s too silly.

You think your desire is unattainable.

That’s ok, because in your deep dive session we’ll drill down from your surface beliefs:

“In a nutshell, my problem is apathy…”

“I seem to never be satisfied. I always want more. I’m insecure…” 

“On some level, I feel not good enough, not worthy, not loveable…”

(real clients’ real Reasons Why)

And we’ll find your nugget ~ your core value that makes your heart tick, that expands your mind, the one that feeds your soul.

“I want to feel empowered. In control of my money, mindset and health. Confident. Proud of myself.”

Free – Unfettered – ALIVE!

On the other hand, you might be Absolutely READY to step up, look your potential in the eye, stare down your compulsions, and do it now!

I know it’s hard to make that first step.

That’s why the worth-every-dollar fee you’re about to pay will be credited to the cost of your custom hypnotherapy Be a Goddess! Wise Woman Awakening program when you take that all-important second step.

This gives you time to schedule your deep dive Soul Journey, an abundance of time to think about it what you want to accomplish, and an incentive to take that crucial second step of contacting me so we can chat to make sure we’re a good fit to work together.

The very best news is that one of your kindred spirits graduated from her Awakening Woman Program with flying colors! She says her creativity opened up, she’s receiving more downloads from Spirit, and she’s now giving herself permission.

Imagine all that goodness happening for you!

After the limited open slots in my hypnotherapy practice are filled, you won’t be able to start until someone graduates, stepping into her next phase of spiritual self-actualization.

You can set-up a 15-minute chat with me here. https://calendly.com/peg-mcmahan. Be sure to include your correct email address so I can contact you.

Try it now – it’s free!

Or you can wait until you hit bottom, wildly sobbing, with no hope in the world. It’ll be a tough climb, but we can still do it.

Lotsa hugs,

Peg McMahan HHP CHt LMT

Be a Goddess! Spiritual Sage Wise Women Awakening

Be a Goddess!

Be a Goddess!

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