Animas River Days

Saturday, June 1, Durango welcomes Animas River Days—a celebration of our beautiful Animas River and the life it brings to our community. The weekend is filled with fun river sports and events, for both participants and spectators. Santa Rita Park will offer food and activities, as well as a Ska Beer and Vodka Garden from noon through the rest of the day.

Some of the events include: Kayak and Canoe Slalom, Downriver SUP Race, Raft Slalom, Freestyle Kayak, Floatie Rodeo, Boatercross, and Surf Competition. Of course, the local favorite is the Costume River Parade, which is a fun event full of unique costumes and floating devices down the river. There are so many different ways to float down the river, and each of these sports takes a unique skill set. Animas River Days is the first event in Durango to attempt to be “Zero Waste” (a goal by 2020). This means there is a focus on reducing trash that goes to landfills as well as using sustainable products—a great way to take care of our community.

Although the majority of the events are on Saturday, on Thursday (May 30) the 2019 Reel Paddling Festival will show some of the world’s best paddling films at the Animas City Theater. After the river events Saturday, the late night party continues at El Rancho Tavern, from 9:30, featuring Posh Josh.

Animas River Days is a fun celebration, and a way to recognize the fun and economy the Animas River contributes to Durango. Take a look at the link for schedule info and details on the events:

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