Olivia Newton-John’s husband John Easterling reveals her last wishes

Olivia Newton-John’s husband John Easterling reveals her last wishes before her tragic death and says the legendary singer was ‘cheerful and joyful and pain free’ in her final days

John Easterling has revealed his late wife Olivia Newton-John, in her final days, wanted all Australians suffering from cancer to have access to alternative medicines.

The film producer, 70, told The Herald Sun Australia’s sweetheart was ‘fortunate’ enough to ‘have access to a broad variety of wellness treatments’ and she wanted others to have the same privilege.

The treatments, which included medicinal cannabis, ‘undoubtedly extended Olivia’s life and gave her quality of life’.

He went on to say she was ‘cheerful and joyful and pain free’ because of the alternative treatments and didn’t need ‘toxic chemicals or addictive painkillers’ to manage her terminal illness.

Olivia often lobbied politicians to try to influence change within the law and make medicinal cannabis available to patients at Melbourne’s ONJ Cancer Wellness and Research Centre.

‘Her dream with the Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre was to have Australians going through cancer have access to the similar types of treatments,’ John said.

The pop icon’s husband encouraged people to participate in Olivia’s Walk for Wellness at the Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne on October 9 to raise money for programs, treatments and equipment.

‘Please donate generously to keep Olivia’s dream alive. Let’s keep this Wellness Centre thriving,’ he said.

He continued: ‘Walk this walk, standing tall with confidence, with courage and with hope, the way Olivia walked her walk. I’ll see you soon in Australia, as a proud Aussie, honoring Olivia.’

It comes just days after he marked her first birthday since her death.

Last Monday – which would have been her 74th birthday – John shared a beautiful photo of the pair via her Instagram account and shared the story of their very first trip to The Bahamas.

The Amazon Herb Company founder said it was their first trip as a couple to celebrate Olivia’s birthday.

Olivia died peacefully in her home in Southern California on Monday morning, surrounded by family and friends.

It came after a brave and extraordinarily public decades-long battle with cancer in which she was diagnosed three times in 1992, 2013 and, for a final time, in 2017.

Post courtesy of The Daily Mail

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