OTZI, the 5,300-year old Tyrolean Iceman Mummy and the World’s Oldest Tattoos

In this second presentation of the San Juan Basin Archaeological Society’s John W, Sanders Lecture Series, Aaron Deter-Wolf, Prehistoric Archaeologist, Tennessee Division of Archaeology, will discuss “Otzi, the 5,300-year-old Tyrolean Iceman Mummy and the World’s Oldest Tattoos”  Since his recovery from an Alpine glacier in 1991, the ice mummy known as “Otzi” has come to represent a triumph of modern scientific analysis.  After nearly three decades of research, scientists know more about this 5,300-year old man than perhaps any other ancient human.  Studies have examined the tools he carried, the clothes he wore, his health conditions, the ingredients of his last meal, deciphered his complete genome and even identified the bacteria that inhabited his gastrointestinal tract.  Analysis has also shown that “Otzi’s” body was adorned with at least 62 tattoos, the oldest preserved examples of this behavior discovered to date.

Half of net ticket sales will benefit the SJBAS Internship and Education Fund

Light refreshments at 6:30 pm, with the lecture to start at 7:00 pm

Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018
FLC Student Union – Ballroom
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301
Map & DirectionsPhone: (970) 247-7657
Email: concerthall@fortlewis.edu
Website: http://www.durangoconcerts.com

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