Cream Bean Berry – Durango’s most delicious Ice Cream

As Durango’s first and only artisanal ice cream shop, owner Katie Burford has found a niche. The company started as an ice cream cart on the Animas River Trail in 2013 and settled into its Main Street location in 2015. Since then, the ice cream connoisseurs have been producing locally sourced, organic, and wonderfully delicious ice cream.

With the highest quality ingredients, all the ice cream is made in house as well as waffle cones, cookies, and brownies to accompany. The flavors are on rotation as certain fruits are in season. There are dairy free, gluten free, and vegan options to choose from too! In store, their menu offers scoops, affogatos, milkshakes, sundaes, cakes, pies, and more. Cream Bean Berry’s ice cream has made strides in the local restaurant scene as many use the creamy goodness in their house desserts. Pints can also be found in local stores.

This handcrafted ice cream is a definite must-try while walking around in Durango. Past flavors have included honey lavender, coconut milk chocolate, plum sorbet, and cookies and cream but check out their website here for more details and to see their current selections:

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Post courtesy of The Durango Team

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