Live like you are dying?

Live Like You Were Dying!

Surprisingly, people ask me if I know when they or a loved one will die.

I always give the same answer:

Of course I know that! You’re gonna live right up until to the moment you die.

And then they laugh —  in relief because they didn’t really want to know.

So it begs the question, why ask? Many people – many reasons.

If you know that you are going to die (which we all know is a fact of life), then why wait until you have only 3 or 6  or 12 months to do everything you wanted to do?

There’s a song titled Live Like You Were Dying that says it quite well.

I had a dream that someone I love died. A week or so later my friend called me in tears because she had a dream that her loved one died.

Her loved one was pretty down to earth, reassuring her that “of course, he’s gonna die. We all are.”

Walking Through the Universe/

So what do you get from a dream like that? Is it prophetic? Is it really about the one you dreamed of? Or is it about you and some deeply hidden emotion or attitude?

All of that aside, here’s what I got out of it:
Spend time with my loved ones. Now.
“They’re too busy,” you might say.

Well, here’s what I got out of it:
Be assertive.
Demand that my loved ones spend time with me.

Of course they’re busy; so am I.
But do I want to leave this life regretting that I was too busy to spend quality time with the people I love?

That would be a heavy regret to take with me to the Other Side.

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Until we meet again,
Be well. Be happy, Just be.
Peg McMahan aka Serafina

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