Trails 2000: Durango’s Trail Organization

Springtime is around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to be thinking about hiking and enjoying the outdoors during the next season. Have you ever wondered how our local trails stay groomed, and how conditions stay updated? We have so many places to hike and enjoy, ranging from easy to moderate to hard in level of difficulty.

In Durango, we owe much of the success of our trails to Trails 2000, “a 501c3 organization that builds and maintains trails; educates trail users and encourages connectivity on road, path and trail (”

The organization started in 1989 as a partnership between private sector, USFS, and BLM. They work with hiking trails, biking trails, and horse trails. This organization plans, builds, and maintains trails. Another of their main goals is to educate the community about the trails and trail conditions. In fact, if you visit their website, they have information on trail conditions as well as trails available in the area. They do maps and trail etiquette cards, as well as a TrailKids program, which focuses on Durango middle school students, and teaches them about the local ecosystems and geology.

There are several ways to be involved with Trails 2000. You could become a member, give financially, volunteer, or even subscribe to their newsletter. In fact, next Wednesday, March 1, Ska Brewing will host an open house for trail enthusiasts. They will introduce the new trail crew lead, as well as a new mobile app for trail reporters. If you are interested in reporting on local trail conditions, attend the brief training, then stay for the open house. Ska Brewing will even donate $1 per beer purchase to Trails 2000! Information may be found on the website:

Take a look at their website in depth; it offers a substantial amount of information for any of your outdoor trail needs!

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