Activities for the Durangotang at Home

It’s a strange time out there, and there are plenty of activity ideas making their way around the internet. While some of us are busy working from home and others are doing school online, some are left with more time on their hands and nowhere to go spend it. What do you do if you can’t see friends and are supposed to stay home but feel bored?

Well, here’s our recommendations.

Here are things to do to help the Durango community and keep yourself occupied:

  • Help out Mercy Hospital

  • Go on socially distanced hikes

  • Start a garden

  • Get those home improvement projects done

  • Text your loved ones and take advantage of technology

Help out Mercy Hospital

mercy medical center

There are several ways to help out the local medical community.

First, any homemade masks cannot be accepted by hospital staff, but keep making them for yourself. They keep those around you safe if you need to leave your house!

Mercy hospital is accepting boxed and unopened masks, cloves, and gowns. They will also take face shields.

If you don’t have any of those resources, consider donating blood! Hospitals are expecting a shortage of donations with people staying home.

Mercy Hospital is also accepting care packages for their staff! Those can include non-perishable foods, paper goods like toilet paper, and sanitizing products.

Lastly, you can make donations directly to Mercy Hospital.

woman hiking

Go on Socially Distanced Hikes

It’s been said a lot, especially in Colorado mountain communities, but make sure to take advantage of the outdoors! It’s good to get outside and get fresh air and vitamin D.

Here’s the protocol for hiking right now:

  • Make sure the trail you are going to is open; it is spring after all, and some trails aren’t open yet.

  • Keep your distance from others. If you don’t, trails and outdoor spaces could start closing.

  • Be cautious touching surfaces like park benches and hike information signs and maps

  • As always, bring water and needed supplies. That doesn’t change.

  • When you approach other people, do the courtesy of keeping to one side of the trail

  • Wear a mask to protect others

Start a Garden

potted plantsIf you are one of those people who has time on their hands, start a garden! It’s getting warm again, and it’s not a bad time to sprout a new skill. Okay yes that was terrible but growing your own food is a really great activity not only to get outside, but for your mental health. Assuming they bloom good foods they’ll be great for you physically too.

To start a garden check out this blog post on vegetable gardening.

Since we live in beautiful, unpredictable, Colorado, it’s a good idea to make the plants mobile so you can take them inside if the temperatures drop, or if mother nature decides April is a good time for snow again.

Get those home improvement projects done

home improvement materialsAgain, if you’re someone with time on your hands, go dig out that list you started years ago. We all have home projects we need to complete: things to paint, knobs to tighten, lights to replace, cleaning to do, yard work, and rooms to reorganize and freshen up. There are always home activities to be done.

Take advantage of having more time to get something crossed off that list. It doesn’t have to cost money either if you don’t want to spend right now. Cleaning and reorganizing is cheap. Going through old stuff and getting rid of things is always a productive use of time.

If you’re a handy type person and want to beak out the hand saws, sanders and grinders, Home Depot is still open with reduced hours. Make sure to check out their website to see their shopping guidelines. If you venture out, wear a mask when you go to get your supplies!

Get your spring cleaning (and fixing) on!

Text your loved ones and take advantage of technology

touching handsThere are so many ways we can communicate now. Make sure to check up on those around you, and those who you haven’t talked to in a while. Now is when we need community more than ever, and you never know who needs to be reached out to.

Ask those around you who are at risk if you can help them.

Video chat with family and neighbors. Set up brunch dates on Zoom or Skype. We could all use a mimosa with our best friends.

Along the sames lines, there are many ways to connect online and continue activities at home. Find a book club, a cooking club, or even a sports enthusiast chat. If you are a person of faith, many churches are doing all they can to support this community and offer online services- and you don’t even need to put on your Sunday best.

This is a time where we need each other. Just because we have to keep our physical distance doesn’t mean we have to isolate ourselves from community. Keep talking to people and checking in. While some may have more time for projects and self-improving activities, there are others who have lost loved ones and jobs, and are struggling with mental health.

Pour out love in Durango. Support your community and love on your neighbors!

Thanks for tuning in!


Post courtesy of Megan Ross at Bucket-List: Durango

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