JOHN DENVER inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, hosted by Olivia Newton-John, as Governor Hickenlooper declares “Earth Day in Space.”

John Denver photo compliments of Hub City Times

JOHN DENVER inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, hosted by Olivia Newton-John, as Governor Hickenlooper declares “Earth Day in Space.”
Olivia Newton-John emailed me and asked me if I was going to the “Earthday” Broomfield concert April 21, 2011 honoring JOHN DENVER and his induction into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.  I asked Olivia if I should go and she told me YES as she would be hosting and I would have two backstage passes with my name on them.


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 20: Olivia Newton-John speaks to the media prior to the formal opening of the Olivia Newton John Cancer & Wellness Centre at Austin Hospital on September 20, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

I thought for a moment about how little I liked driving to Denver… but then told her I would go.  She also asked if she could meet my Great Danes.  I did tell her Durango was a 7 or 8 hour drive through the mountains… and so we decided it would have to be another time.  But then I remembered that CHIQUITA (a young mantle female Great Dane that I co-owned and brought into the world) lived only 1/2 an hour from the concert hall.  We arranged with Frank Montoya, Chiquita’s co-owner and primary caregiver, to meet us for the dress rehearsal to the event hosted by Olivia Newton John and featuring the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Lee Ann Womack, Richie Furay, John Oates and members of John Denver’s band and with the Boulder Philharmonic.
I wondered who I would ask to join me– someone who knew me from my Hollywood days when I saw more of Olivia… and my friend Alan Ames came to mind.  Alan is a music and video producer residing in Houston, Texas now– who has a platinum album for his work with the Moody Blues, among many other accolades.  I invited Alan up to Denver for the event, and he soon worked his way into a production capacity for the event related to his work with NASA, and as someone who had access to photos and imagery of John Denver’s Nasa experience.  Alan did provide these to the concert organizers and soon he did not need my ticket as he was part of the production crew.  You can see more about Alan through his website:
Here is a short clip of the Television special from Alan’s website:


I then offered my second ticket to Alan’s brother and my dear friend Brian Ames, who was working for the World Bank in Washington.  Brian flew to Durango so I would not have to drive alone, which I so appreciated.  Governor Hickenlooper was now getting involved in the show and was intrigued with John Denver’s love of Space.  Governor Hickenlooper decided to call the event EARTH DAY IN SPACE, and read his proclamation at the event. 
Alan did write the original speech and Brian and I had a preview as we took a quick proofreading stint while on our way to Denver.  I was proud of Governor Hickenlooper for his participation!
Next day we made it to the dress rehearsal with Chiquita so that we could get a chance to see Olivia in person for a minute and give her a chance to finally meet one of my Danes.  Olivia grew up with Great Danes and loves them… and of course I keep Olivia posted on puppy pictures when I have a litter.  Olivia is an amazing advocate for the environment.  When I met her originally in 1991 she was the United Nations world wide ambassador for the Environment.  She has worked tirelessly for worthy causes especially the environment and cancer awareness.
We hope you enjoy our little “home video”.  Since so many of our local events here in Durango have been canceled as folks stay at home, I thought it would be fun to tell stories, crack jokes, and re-visit good times from the past.  Here at we plan to do more of this. Happy Earthday 2020!
Best wishes, Sam Rose
Here is our funny little EARTH DAY IN SPACE home video as CHIQUITA MEETS OLIVIA-NEWTON JOHN!
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