Best Backcountry Films – Friday, February 8th

Backcountry Film Festival 2019

Who doesn’t love sitting on the edge of their seat watching others experience and battle through the best and the roughest mother nature has to offer? Because of the Durango Nature Studies’ membership with the Winter Wildlands Alliance, they’re able to host the Backcountry Film Festival each year. This event is also sponsored by other Durango businesses like Durango Outdoor Exchange, Hesperus Ski Patrol, and Backcountry Experience, who all want to encourage everyone to get out and experience everything the great backcountry has to offer. There will be 10 riveting films all showing the different personalities of the backcountry, and all offering inspiring stories and experiences. This event is great for those looking to rekindle their love for nature and get back out to face the outdoors (no matter how cold).

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