Durango Loves Dogs!! Nancy’s Papillons are learning new tricks!

Durango is a dog friendly town with lots of dog ownership, both purebred and mutt.  I myself raise Great Danes and my dogs love living in an area with 3,000,000 acres of national forest and great parks and trails to explore.

Nancy my neighbor down the road County Road 250 is a mostly retired veterinarian who at one time was a vet for the Denver Zoo, and on her first day made the Denver news by curing a lame camel with her accupuncture!  Wow, that is  amazing to me.  She is an amazing woman who now raises Papillons.

Papillons… are cute little smart dogs… and their name is from the French word for butterfly… which you can see was inspired by their ears….you can read all about them at the AKC website: AKC.org

Nancy is training her Papillons to do tricks and we thought to share.  Sam

From Nancy:

Hi dog friends,  Bravo is going to be starting an AKC trick dog class next
month and then will take a test at the end to hopefully get his 1st
title…Novice Trick Dog.  We decided to get started learning some tricks at
home and of course Touche’ and Milou wanted to do everything too.  They LOVE
learning tricks (and getting treats) so in the span of a week each learned
more than a dozen!  We’re practicing them so they really get them down well
and can do them in public.  It’s easy doing it one dog at a time…3 at a
time has been “trickier” for me but they’re learning, as am I.

Nancy’s three Papillons– in boxes!

This morning I got 3 small boxes out and had them sit/stay and then gave the
cue to get in the boxes (new to the boys) which they did very well, then on
the boxes (they did this even better, even adding some “high 5’s”)

and then
“paws up” on the side of the box with Bravo sitting in the middle (we’ve
practiced this with a little stool).  Soon we’ll have a 3 Dog Act.  Stay

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