Trimble Hot Springs

Some people come to Durango during the wintertime and try every outdoor adventure possible. For others, winter can be a less-than-exciting time of year, and they need ideas for fun activities that don’t involve outdoor sports. Whatever situation you find yourself in, Durango offers the perfect year-round activity: Trimble Hot Springs.

This beautiful hot springs pool is located just north of Durango, and is an excellent way to relax. Whether you are just off the slopes or desiring a day activity, you can spend time outside in the warm water, looking at our beautiful stars or enjoying Colorado’s winter weather.

There is also a spa and sauna onsite. Massage and body treatments include all-day soaking, as well, so it’s an excellent place to enjoy spa services. The Starlight Room and Guesthouse offer places to stay the night, with hot spring access included.

The Trimble Hot Springs have a rich history in Durango, dating back to 1874.  In 1882, Frank Trimble built a two-story hotel with 14 rooms, which burnt to the ground in 1892. Then the Hermosa House was built, which also burnt in 1931. Since that time, Trimble has housed nightclubs and gambling (in the 1930s), rodeos and hunting camps (1940s), and even Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe (1950s). After another fire in 1957, Trimble was closed for nearly 30 years.

We are proud to have such a depth of history and a unique place in town, for locals and tourists alike. It’s a perfect winter and summer activity. Take a look at the website for details:


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