La Plata County Economic Development Alliance

La Plata County Economic Development Alliance

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We are at a very critical juncture here in La Plata with COVID case count and transmittal rates that will determine the ability for businesses to remain at current operational capacity.  At a state level, the transmittal rates are experiencing an uncontrolled spread with current estimates of 1 in every 200 people in CO may be contagious with cases being over 175 per 100,000 people. The R0 number is 1.5 meaning for every person who has it, it is replicating 1.5 times. The biggest risk is managing hospital capacity and resources and the expected peak curve.

San Juan Basin Health believes we are trailing the rest of Colorado by about two weeks on the general curve. How we manage our community in the next two weeks will be critical so that we do not follow overall State trends. In La Plata County we are also experiencing a spike and tracing is indicating that 40% of cases who were symptomatic still attended work and 26% attended gatherings.

How can the business community help manage the trend?

  • San Juan Basin has asked that workers be reminded to stay at home if they are experiencing ANY symptoms as to not risk transmission to the rest of the organization.
  • Work from home if possible and limit opportunities for transmission. 
  • Adhere to State mask order and be disciplined about social distancing.

We are currently still at Level 2 Safer at Home and we will ask San Juan Basin Health to articulate the step back and step forward levels and triggers in our next Investor Meeting on Tuesday, November 10.

Post courtesy of La Plata County Economic Development Alliance
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