The Five Types of Energy Running Your Life

Young woman meditating outdoors. Photo taken in Graz, Austria

There are 5 types of energy that LITERALLY run your life: Mental energy, Physical energy, Emotional energy, Spiritual energy and Financial energy.   When you learn to view these energies as your life currency you realize that your TRUE power resideswithin you – NOT outside of you in the circumstances you find yourself in.   

The ability to manifest your authentic dreams and desires is determined by the INFORMED DECISIONS you make moment-by-moment, daily, weekly, and yearly.   

What is the quality of the information you are basing your informed decisions on?   

Most people only have partial clarity on how to manifest what they truly want in life and that’s because the complete picture isn’t taught in our typical educational systems.

That’s why so many of the people we know (including ourselves) live lives that are so out-of-whack, unbalanced and mostly unfulfilling. We are taught to look OUTSIDE of ourselves for the answers.  The problem with that is that source of information is INCOMPLETE! 

Sure, we may have a profitable business, but what is our spiritual life like? 

Many people that seek to live a more spirit-based life or own a spirit-based business – subconsciously hold on to old programming that says: in order to live spiritually – you must be poor and broke…that somehow prospering financially means you aren’t living in alignment with being “spiritual”. Spirituality and prosperity are NOT mutually exclusive concepts!  
So many addictions are based on the fact that people don’t know how to manage their emotional energy.  They either over-emote or are trying to numb their feelings with food, alcohol, drugs, shopping….you name it.  
The dis-ease in our bodies is caused by not paying attention to how we are taking care of our physical energies.  We are not being taught to listen to what our physical energy is saying to us. 

Once you gain an understanding of the Five Types of Energy and how you use your time to spend those energies – your life will change dramatically and you will begin to manifest more miracles in your life – almost like magic!  And most importantly, you will begin to understand more fully your own inherent powers.

Lee Milteer is an internationally known and celebrated Best Selling Author, Award Winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Intuitive Business Mentor

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