MONSOON Season starts early this year! Rain is here!!

rain on Animas Mountain, Durango, CO

Photo of rain on Animas Mountain, Durango, CO by Sam Rose

Monsoon season started Friday night which is early for SW Colorado. The Durango Area is expected to receive more than an inch of rain over the weekend.

When planning to visit or recreate in the Southwestern United States in the summertime, it’s important to be aware of the afternoon thunderstorms typical of “Monsoon Season“. This time of year should be associated with afternoon rainstorms and lightning, so be prepared and plan accordingly.

These fairly predictable storms are caused by a shift in wind patterns, which funnels more moisture from the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California to the Southwest. Monsoon season typically starts in mid July and continues through the end of August but can persist as late as October. Monsoons play a critical role in the desert and mountain environments of the Southwest by providing much needed water and helping decrease the likely hood of forest fires.

To read more about SW Colorado Monsoon Season check out this article on our Durango Downtown Weather Section:
Monsoon Season:


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