Typical Tigers NFT Over $27,000 In Donations

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The Concept and Art of “Typical Tigers”

Tigers4Ever https://tigers4ever.org/

Catty Shack https://cattyshack.org/

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How Did This Project Come To The Spotlight?


Typical Tigers is a community driven charity project consisting of 3,900 NFTs to represent the 3,900 Tigers that are currently left in the wild

Charity Details:

Our mission is to help #SaveTheTigers one NFT at a time. In order to have the proper funding to fulfill our mission, we are dedicating 50% of mint proceedings from our sister collection Baby Cub Tigers, which was a FREE MINT for all Typical Tiger holders and open to the public at a mint price of 0.04 ETH

These proceeds along with 50% of royalties from the Typical Tigers & Baby Cub Tigers collections are placed in a donation pool (tigerkingdomfund.eth) where the holders and community discuss which organizations to donate to.

Organizations donated so far:

Tigers4Ever https://tigers4ever.org/

Catty Shack https://cattyshack.org/

Wildlife Family Friends Thailand (in partnership with Carole Baskin) https://www.wfft.org/

Tweets about our donations:

Tigers4ever waterhole donation

We are excited to reveal our next donation of $10,000 to Tigers4Ever to help build a permanent water hole in the jungles of Bandhavgarh!! The lives of more than 100 wild tigers will be saved by the year-round availability of water. Much more coming to help #SaveTheTigers

Tigers4ever anti poaching patrol donation:

We would like to announce our second donation to help #SaveTheTigers We donated $6,858 to

@Tigers4Ever2010 to help fund Anti-Poaching patrols in Bandhavgarh, India for the next 3 months! Thank you to everyone in the community that helped make this happen!!

Thailand Rescue donation tweet in partnership with Carole Baskin:

We want to share the first of many donations that we have made to help #SaveTheTigers $10,000 in ETH was just sent to

Thailand Rescue pics:

Look at Pin!   Pinthongta is the first of the 11 Tigers that have been rescued from the Phuket Zoo by

and the entire Typical Tigers Community for helping to raise the funds necessary to help these Tigers!!

Carole Baskin talking about Typical Tigers on the news:

Hear more about our Thailand Tiger Rescue from

@carole_baskin on the news!

In total we’ve donated +$27,000

Post courtesy of CryptoScout Leader RustyDusty

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