Durango Downtown Advertising Programs

Advertising on DurangoDowntown.com website allows you to align your brand with a popular and trusted online source for local information. Whether your objective is to build brand awareness or drive traffic to your website, DurangoDowntown.com offers the tools and tactics to deliver effective results.

Advertisers Page Tabs

Introductory Program

  • 300x100 Advertisement in Rotation on all DD Pages
  • Pricing: $50/month Advertising_Introductory_program

Custom Ad Program

  • 300x250 advertisement on a Featured DD Page (Select one page: News, Movies, Weather, Real Estate, etc.)
  • Pricing: $100/monthAdvertising_Premium_program

Premium Program

  • 300×250 Advertisement in Rotation on all DD Pages (except for homepage*)
  • Advertorial content as supplied by client
  • Pricing: $150/month *homepage may be added to this package for an additional $50/monthAdvertising_Premium_program

Banner Program

  • 728x90 Advertisement in Rotation on all DD Pages
  • Advertorial content as supplied by client
  • Pricing: $200/month banner snip

Showcase Program

  • 728×90 Banner Advertisement in Rotation on all DD Pages
  • 300×250 Ad in Rotation on all DD Pages
  • Repost your entire Twitter feed on Durango Downtown
  • Advertorial content as supplied by client
  • Pricing: $300/monthAdvertising_Showcase_program

Featured Articles (Advertorials)

  • Provide a featured article to DurangoDowntown, with digital images and supplemental graphics and we’ll post your article (live for 1 year).
  • For one-time postings: $150 per article.  For multiple posting (minimum of 3 articles), $75 per article.
  • Regular DD Advertisers receive a 50% discount. featured article snip

Easy Billing

Depending on what you choose, we have three fast and easy ways to bill.
  • Quarterly - (3 month term)
  • Bi-annual - (6 month term)
  • Annual - Best Value - Buy 10 months, get two FREE! - (12 month term)

If you would like more information, e-mail us at [email protected] or call 970.259.1128. Learn more about the team behind DurangoDowntown.com.

Our banner ad program helps generate results for your business by providing:

• Innovative advertising products and programs tailored to your needs
• Measurable results using the latest technology to track, analyze and adjust your campaigns
• Exceptional customer service

Connect your business with the highly desirable audience that comes to  DurangoDowntown.com site every day.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!

Social Media & Web Development Services:
DurangoDowntown is locally owned and operated by Web Services of Durango, including our talented Durango Global team that operates the DD community web site.   Need help on your social media?   Need assistance on your web development?

Ideas? Content?   Better Website?   As a locally owned and operated “community-based” website, we welcome your ideas for improvements, changes and better web marketing.

For more information or to advertise with DurangoDowntown.com, contact us at (970) 259-1128, or [email protected]