Discover the Hidden Supervolcano Located in New Mexico


Yes believe it or not: not only does New Mexico have volcanic fields but there does exist a supervolcano in the state. It’s actually one of the youngest supervolcanoes in the United States and people can go and see it up close.

Tungurahua Volcano eruption long exposure with lava

Where is the supervolcano in New Mexico?

Located in Sandoval County in the Jemez Mountains lies the Valles Caldera. The Valles Caldera is 1 of 3 supervolcanoes that are found in the United States that was formed around 1.4 million years ago with the last eruption dating back to about 40,000 years ago.

Unlike many volcanoes where lava and rock shoot out during an eruption, a caldera eruption is when magma leaves the earth, leaving what looks like a crater, but is actually a sinkhole. Even today it continues to evolve and change its formation.

Valles Caldera Formation

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For years people have been fascinated with the Valles Caldera and have gone to hike up to the mountain to bask in the beauty of many years of Mother Nature’s work.

Exploring Valles Caldera in New Mexico

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There is one more thing to note about the Valles Caldera… it’s still active. Even though it’s been a LONG time since the last eruption, many geologists have said that’s not extinct. That means it’s STILL considered to be active so if you DO go visit for yourself, keep that in mind and be extra careful when going to visit the caldera.

New Mexico isn’t the only desert state with volcanos, you can even find some in Arizona too. There’s also the supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park that, if it erupts, it can cause serious harm to Texas. Find out how here.

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