Durango Area Fly Fishing Chart

Durango Area At-A-Glance Fly Fishing Chart 




Body of Water Fish Species Aquatic Food Sources Best Patterns Sub-surface Best Patterns Surface Best Months Public Access Other Info
Animas River Brown Rainbow Cutthroat Caddis Sculpins Prince, Caddis Larva, Muddler/Sculpin Parachute Adams, Hoppers, Elkwing Caddis Feb-April July-Nov 32nd St South thru Durango & upstream fm Rockwood Fly & lure fm Lightner Creek to Purple Ciffs, 2 fish 16″ min.
Cascade Creek Brown Rainbow Brook Caddis Mayfly Western Coachman, Hares Ear Humpy, Irresistable July-Oct Entire Creek Large trout pop. – mostly small fish
Electra Lake Rainbow Brook Cutthroat Midge Shrimp Other fish Bucktail Streamers, Wooly Buggers, Damsel Nymph Midges, Damsel fly May-Sept $8/day charge One of finest Brook trout populations in the state
Emerald Lake Cut-bow Shrimp Damsel flies Scuds, Streamers Midges, Damsel fly July-Sept Entire Lake Fly & Lure only. 2 fish over 14″ or shorter
Florida River Brown Rainbow Brook Caddis Mayfly Stonefly Beeadhead, Hares Ear, Peeking Caddis, Zug Bug Yellow Sally, ElkWing Caddis, Royal Wulff June-Sept San Juan Nat’l Forest upstream of Transfer Park Rugged canyon – no trails above Transfer Park
Haviland Lake Rainbow Damsel Flies Midges Crayfish Wooly Buggers, Breadcrust Renegade, Damsel fly May-Sept Entire Lake Rainbows stocked each year. Easy Access
Hermosa Creek Brook Caddis fly Mayfly Beadhead Prince, Muskrat, Pheasant Tail HT L Variant, Stimulator July-Oct Upstream from Hermosa Large population of Brook trout – mostly small fish. Dirt road & foot trail access
Junction Creek Brown Rainbow Brook Caddis fly Mayfly Caddis larva, A.P. Beaver Humpy, Yel. Stone Dry May July-Sept Thru Durango & upstream from USFS Gate Fun little stream – fish small- Colorado Trail Access
La Plata River Brown Rainbow Brook Caddis fly Mayfly AP Hendrickson, Cased Caddis Adams, Peacock Caddis July-Oct Upstream from Mayday Blow out in Spring, but many small fish in late summer
Lemon Reservoir Brown Rainbow Kokanee Salmon Midges Other fish Wooly Bugger Midges, Mosquitos May-Oct Entire Lake Inlet of Lemon good in late Summer – A few large Browns
Lightner Creek Brown Rainbow Caddis fly Mayfly Caddis Larva, Muddler Wulffs, Irresistable April-May July-Sept Along Hwy 160 Browns run up Lightner in early spring
Lime Creek Brown Rainbow Brook Caddis Mayfly Stones Beadheads, Caddis Larva Renegade, Trude, Humpy July-Oct Entire Creek Many fish – mostly 12″ and less
Los Pinos River Brown Rainbow Brook Cutthroat Caddis fly Mayfly Terrestrials Zug Bug, Hares Ear, Western Coachman Goddard Caddis, Hoppers, Stimulators July-Oct Weminuche Wilderness Fly & lure only – 2 fish limit upstream from Weminuche boundary
Piedra River Brown Rainbow Salmon fly Caddis Mayfly Giant Bl. Nymph, Yel. Stone Nymph Yel. Stone Dry, Sofa Pillow June-Oct Upstream fm Hwy 160 Fly & lure only – 2 fish limit lower CG to Piedra bridge – Huge Salmon fly pop.
Vallecito Creek Brown Rainbow Brook Mayfly Midge Hares Ear, Midge Pupa Adams, Midge Dry July-Sept Upstream fm Vallecito campground Crystal clear creek, fly & lure only – 2 fish limit upstream fm Weminuche boundary
Vallecito Reservoir Rainbow Kokanee Salmon Northern Pike Other fish Muddler Rio Grande King May-Oct Entire lake Past state records for Brown & Northern Pike
Dolores above McPhee Res. Rainbow Brown Caddis Mayfly Stonefly AP Black, Caddis Larva, Prince Trude, Royal Wulff, Peacock Caddis July-Oct San Juan Natl Forest A mix of private & FS lands
Dolores below McPhee Res. Rainbow Brown Cutthroat Midges Mayfly Terrestrials Midge Pupa, Baetis, Flashback, PMD-Nymph Adult Midges, Comparadun, Hoppers June-Nov McPhee Dam Downstream 12 miles fly & lure catch & release Bradfield Bridge to McPhee Dam
San Juan- Colorado Rainbow Brown Caddis Mayfly Stonefly Caddis Larva, Beadhead Prince, Wooly Bugger ElkWing Caddis, Madam-X, Parachute Adams Jul-Oct Thru Pagosa Spgs. SJ NF on East & West Forks 2 fish limit fm HWY 160 & HWY 184 downstream thru Pagosas Spgs
San Juan – New Mexico below Navajo Dam Rainbow Some Brown Midges Small Mayfly Midge Pupa, WD-40, Analids Midge Adult, Comparadun, Sparkle Dun All Year From Navajo Dam to HWY 173 bridge Special trout waters flies & lures only dam to cable catch & release. Cable down 3 1/2 mile 1 fish 20″ min.
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