NFT Game by Ape Liquid

A fully realized, blockchain only, turn-based RPG with a dozen pieces, a utility token that’s also an ERC-20 token, the best community in web3, and rising floor prices in a bear market. It’s available and playable today. Exploring alien worlds and meeting strange, new life forms has never been more available to web3 #NFTs. Whether you’re battling intergalactic threats, making friends, or negotiating peace with extraterrestrial diplomats, the possibilities are endless. #RPG #scifi #JourneyOn

Ape Liquid (AL) is a diverse ecosystem that allows for multiple points of entry and multiple investment strategies. There is no singular pathway for everyone and we recommend learning about the breadth and depth of what AL has to offer

1) Buy and hodl – caveman math. Since inception, buying and holding Ape Liquid ecosystem assets has yielded enormous value from free airdrops, reduced mints, free claims, or floor price appreciation. One of the best NFTs to hold historically has been the Ape Liquid Membership – from which came Legends, 100 initial METL, Invaders, Keys, passive METL yield, and best of all more is to come

2) Buy, Forge, and hodl – passive value. We are able to stake aka Forge our assets on the AL platform for 1% per month of last 7-days average sales price. The NFT we Forge is the exact same one we will get back. No one else is able to move our NFT except for the owner who put it in. In order to Forge NFTs, we need to “unlock” the Forge with a Liquid Key and then pay gas per NFT that we move over

3) Buy, Journey, earn – blend of passive and active value. Through encountering events, Journeys are able to generate significant value through gaining AL ecosystem NFTs, in-game items, and METL. There is a chance of an event happening every 6 hours or they can be triggered manually by burning an artifact. In order to go on a Journey, we need a Liquid Key to unlock the Gateway, an artifact to burn, and a PFP NFT. A Journey Pack is also highly recommended

4) Be a part of the Ape Liquid community – communal Web3 support. We are stronger together. All apes liquid. Ape Liquid has one of the strongest, most educated, and passionate communities in the NFT space. We are here to mutually support each other’s investment goals and encourage good citizenship

Feel free to participate in any or all of the above options according to your comfort level.

Things just getting started 

The top image was the outcome of the NFT after the journey here was the first image.

Post courtesy of @ApeLiquidio

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