Hottest day ever recorded north of the Arctic Circle; reached 100.4 F; 80 years faster than expected

Valley Basin Forest snow

The valley basin of Verkhoyansk, with Larix gmelinii forest.

Even if a small fraction of the Arctic seafloor carbon is released to the atmosphere, we’re fucked. Climatologist Dr. Jason Box, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

We all have our hands full at the moment, with multiple catastrophes occurring at once. Before scrolling past the headline of this diary, I implore you to explore this diary, as the vigil we keep over the climate crisis has accelerated beyond our wildest imagination. We have only one option left to us, drastically reducing our carbon emissions, now.

Will we fight the one percent and the psychopathic orange dingleberry for our survival? Or will we surrender to the greedy billionaires and embrace our doom with no possibility of ever returning to a safe and stable climate?

Welcome to our new reality. It’s here and we do have a choice to attempt to save ourselves.

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