Traveling This Holiday? Remember These Home Safety Tips

This time of year, many will be traveling to spend Christmas and New Years with family or friends. While Durango is one of the safest places to live, it’s still prudent to exercise caution when you leave your home over the holidays. Here are a few tips:

Don’t let packages, newspapers or mail pile up. If you expect deliveries (as many Americans utilize Amazon, Target, and other online retailers for shopping), be sure to ask a neighbor to retrieve them until you get home. Packages on the front porch invite temptation for porch thieves, and they also offer an advertisement that you and your family are away. Newspapers and mail are sure signs that you are not home. A friendly neighbor could remove the obvious statement that you are traveling.

Set Lights to a Timer. If you plan to leave for the holidays, we suggest setting a couple lights to a timer inside the house. It will avoid a completely dark home, making it seem like someone is home. In addition, setting outdoor Christmas lights to a timer will keep the exterior of your home lit.

Don’t broadcast your plans online. Be careful about what you post online. If you note that you’ll be gone and when you’ll return, the information may fall into the hands of the wrong person. Save the posts until you return!

Consider Your Pipes. In a cold climate like ours, it’s important to keep the heater on (even somewhere around 50 degrees helps, and saves energy) to ensure pipes do not freeze or break while you are out of town. It is also a good idea to turn off the main water to prevent pipe damage.

Remember to Lock Doors and Windows. This is a simple tip, but one that cannot be overstated. If you lock all doors and windows, you’ll make breaking and entering much more difficult. Also, consider removing your spare key if it is in an obvious location, such as under a fake rock or above the door sill. If you have a garage door opener in your car, remove it if the car is left out, as the garage door opener allows easy access to a home. If your car has a built-in remote, lock the garage door control so the remote will not work.

These simple tips will give peace of mind if you plan to leave your home. From all of us at The Durango Team, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy time filled with family, friends, and celebration.


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