NFT Art By Doug TenNapel

LeeBot Tomston which is owned by NFTwhitty is a example of the Klayju 1A’s and they are the named Klay ju’s that Doug drew on and made a specific description or story for. This one is Doug TenNapel’s Eternal Klay is a collection of new, unique Klay people NFTs. These are digital, hand drawn beings to collect and trade. KLAYJU SERIES 1 has arrived! Giant, creaking, metal-and-klay titans have wandered into the Eternal Klay world. The Seer Zmun have prophesied that these beings would come, but their origins are mysterious. Who made them? Why did they come? How do they go to the bathroom? Answers are just up ahead in the collection known as Doug TenNapel’s Eternal Klay! LeeBot Tomston wants to find a nice ladyju and settle down. The only problem is he doesn’t know any. Maybe somebody can build him one. Or he can just shoot more blind birds with his proton beam. This Klayju has 2 completely unique traits and is a 1 of 1. Join us on discord at or search at

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