Rash of Thefts in Central La Plata County

Date/Time:  11:30AM Friday April 14, 2017 MST

La Plata County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to lock their cars & garages and to not leave mail in their mail boxes, after a rash of thefts over the past several days.

Just this week, there have been at least five thefts from cars and garages between the 9000 block and 12000 block of County Road 213, also called La Posta Road. Electronics, clothing and other items were stolen from unlocked vehicles. One garage had a flat screen TV taken. Thieves are looking for items that can be easily taken with minimum time and noise. Historically, people who leave their vehicles, garages, and homes unlocked are the prime targets.

An easy way for thieves to steal your money and your identity is through your mail box. Many people who become victims of identity theft were first victims of mail theft. When people receive their monthly credit card statement, sometimes it also contains blank checks made out in your name. Thieves will steal those and go shopping at your expense. In the past several days, mail has been stolen from dozens of mail boxes along an eight mile section of Colorado Highway 172 from the 100 block to the 8,000 block. Mail is also being stolen from mail boxes along the entire length of County Roads 220 and 510. Mail is stolen both day and night. The best way to avoid becoming a victim of mail theft is to not put outgoing mail by the side of the road in your mail box and to recover mail as soon after the postal carrier delivers it as possible.

Source: Dan Bender, LPCSO PIO   Desk: 970-382-7026
Dan.Bender@co.laplata.co.us   Cell: 970-403-9258
La Plata County Sheriff’s Office   742 Turner Drive   Durango, Colorado 81303

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