New Car and Road Safety Trends That Can Benefit Road Users in Durango

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Speeding, weaving through traffic, and tailgating are some of the reasons why roads in Colorado, are not as safe as those in most other states according to an article on the Colorado Public Radio website. Of course, in Durango such aggressive drivers also exist. Maybe one reason for this aggression is the traffic jams that occur in places like Durango City. Road safety can be enhanced not just through regulations enforced by police officers but also through road design and safer cars.

Durango City’s Complete Streets

Complete Streets is all about directing engineers and transportation planners to design roads to enable safe access to everyone regardless of age, ability, and mode of transportation. It is about transportation projects that create street networks that are safe for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, and transit users according to

The principle here is making every road user feel secure by adding traffic calming features on street roads. These features can make insurance companies lower their rates because safer roads make you a better driver. Some of the things that can determine your car insurance rates are how you drive, whether you drive a new or old car model, and the average distance you drive each year. Traffic calming features include things such as decreasing vehicle travel lanes to allow pedestrians to cross, and adding bicycle lanes for bicyclists.

Another feature is roadway narrowing, which is done to reduce vehicle speeds to keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe. Traffic calming can also create an opportunity to improve the aesthetics of roads. Aesthetics includes things such as planting trees, adding benches, and painting pavements, all for the benefit of road users.

Durango’s Traffic Calming Projects

Durango City’s Complete Streets Projects are currently being implemented in three places.  There is the Needham Connect II Project that will include bicycle facilities, sidewalks and more along Columbine Drive from Cottonwood drive to Clovis drive. The second traffic calming project will be implemented along College Drive and 8th Avenue. Bike lanes will also be added on the 25th and Junction Street roadway from West 2nd Avenue to the City limits.

Car Safety tips

Apart from designing safer roads, having safer cars can also enhance road safety for all road users.  For winter months that have become increasingly unforgiving, you should maintain your car by replacing your old battery, use all-weather engine oil, and maintain proper tire pressure. This should also be done before you go for a ski-trip up the snowy mountains of Colorado.  Don’t leave your shovel and jumper cable behind.

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