Tips to Go Green at Home

This past Monday, the world celebrated Earth Day, which is the perfect time to consider some green living tips for our homes. According to the latest REALTORS & Sustainability report, 69% of real estate professionals say promoting energy efficiency in listings is “very” or “somewhat valuable” in a home sale ( While there is a large variety of actions a homeowner can take to make steps toward a green home, we loved the idea of Earth Day coinciding with green home tips, and compiled some ideas that may help start the process, or enable you to take further steps to a greener home.

Save on electricity: Mindfulness in this area makes a significant difference. Turn off lights when you leave a room, open windows for light, and consider installing energy-efficient light bulbs. Some people even install dimmers on their lights to manage the amount of light wattage used. A programmable thermostat also helps regulate temperatures inside a home, minimizing energy waste.

Conserve Water: Several simple tips can make an impact regarding water. By taking colder showers, you’ll likely shorten the amount of time in the shower (and thus the amount of water), as well as use less energy to heat the water. When running a load of laundry, a cold wash (as opposed to hot water) also saves electricity. Also, a thorough check for leaky faucets around the house (and hose spigots) can help conserve water. In a similar vein, reusable water bottles save substantial amounts of plastic.

Energy-Efficient Windows: According to, “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use” (  To improve the efficiency of windows, check the caulking and weather strips, and inspect for air leaks. Window treatments and coverings, as well as shaded options such as awnings or overhead blinds, are also helpful to promote efficiency. Sometimes replacing windows to improve efficiency makes more sense. Either way, window efficiency is a great step in the process of going green.

Household cleaners: Switching household cleaners is a simple way to allow less chemicals into the environment. Mindfulness of the products used within your own home can make a difference on the impact on the environment and your own health.

Pay Bills Online: Many people already utilize online bill pay options, but consider how much paper you can save by eliminating paper bills, checks, and return envelopes. This is a simple tip with a huge impact!

These are just some tips to consider in regards to the environmental impact your home and decisions at home may make. We are fortunate to live in Durango, where there’s a high priority to sustain the natural beauty and environment in which we live. As always, let us know if we are able to help in any way, or answer any questions you may have regarding your home or the real estate market. We will be hosting an open house at 161 Salt Brush Street on Saturday from 10-12, as well as an open house at 150 Oxbow Circle on Saturday from 10-12. We would love you to stop by and say hello!


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