How To Make Your Durango Rental Beat The Competition

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How To Make You Durango Rental Beat The Competition

Durango properties are hotting up, with 194 new apartments ready for their grand opening in Escalante Drive. For landlords, this is the prime opportunity to get their investments off the ground and lure in the ideal tenants. With so many rental options, however, competition is tight,and landlords will need to ensure they have all the boxes ticked plus a little extra to ensure they get the right tenants at the right price. While some plush cushions and a good paint job go a long way, the modern tenant wants a little more from their rental.

Technology Makes Its Mark

Smart homes are popping up across Colorado, and for landlords, this technology could be the innovative design aspect that sets them apart from the pack. For tenants, smart technology opens up the possibility of personalizing their space, which is often not an option in a rental space. This includes personalized lighting and temperature settings, security controls, and more. Smart technology also happens to spill over into the kitchen, allowing tenants to always have a full fridge and recipes on hand, thanks to smart fridges and stoves.

Interior Design Quirks For Tenants Who Require A Bit More

One of the biggest let downs for a tenant is moving into a space that doesn’t allow any personalization. Putting up pictures and photos is often a no from the landlord, as these would require the removal of nails and a fresh coat of paint. What landlords can do instead is create the environment for tenants to display their personal memories, such as designated areas for a photo collage or picture collection, and sufficient shelving for keepsakes. Personalizing a space will help the tenant identify with their space a little more, which has the added benefit of longer tenancy. Another benefit to a happy tenant is that they’re far more likely to look after your property and abide by the rules.

Choose Fixtures And Fittings With Tenants In Mind

Landlords often fall into the trap of choosing things for their rental property that they would for their own home, and that’s not always a good choice. One of the top things to consider is that tenants are not likely to keep your crystal chandeliers sparkling clean or water off the laminated wooden floors. While you don’t have to go for all the cheap items on the market, good quality and long-wearing items are the best picks. Key areas to invest some money in, include the kitchen and bathroom as they are top of the list for potential tenants. These areas need to be spotless, functional, and presentable.

Landlords should also bear in mind that tastes differ, and it’s important to finish the interior with multiple styles in mind. Natural, earthy colors tend to work well with a number of personal preferences. If furniture is part of the package, choose items that are long-wearing and timeless. Wood, wool, and stone are all natural elements that tend to blend in well with a number of styles.

For the landlord, there’s a fine line between maximizing profit and creating an ideal pad for their tenant. Balance is key, along with good quality interiors that will last through a number of tenants and seasons.

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