Renewing Old Houses

Matt Lavinder, president of New Again Houses in Bristol, TN., addresses how the pandemic changed our view of a home, “A house is no longer just a place to sleep. It’s become a school, an office and a movie theater.” Having these alternate necessities for a home opened up creativity for many families in how to use their square footage. Since inventory has remained low and out median price has increased, many homeowners have opted to remodel their current home to better fit their needs and wishes. Older home remodels may come with extra layers, especially in Durango.

Durango was founded in 1881 and some homes built in that time period have until present day. Because of their great historical value in our town, there is a lot of care taken to preserve, restore, and honor these slices of history. The Main Avenue Historic District and The Boulevard historic District encapsulate homes between Main Avenue, 5th – 12th Avenue on East 2nd and 3rd. Many commercial properties also fall under this historic preservation list like the Strater Hotel and Animas City Museum.

With many local companies that can all help with home upgrades, please let us know if we can assist with getting you connected with the right team for your project.


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