Animas Museum Online Exhibits

Are you familiar with Durango’s vast history? Our local Animas Museum in Durango offers rich details of past local events, people, and economy. With the COVID measures, they now feature an interesting and informative online exhibit!

The first exhibit tells the story and history of Zaidee Rockwood Perkins’ wedding dress. Married in Durango in 1901, the online exhibit tells of her family history and the festivities of the wedding. In fact, her family once lived in the Amy Mansion (which is now Hood Mortuary). Photographs of the dress and reception are posted, and this is a fascinating glimpse into the lifestyle once found in Durango.

Another exhibit features information about influenza and the history of the flu epidemic in Durango and Silverton. With photographs of a parade and newspaper clippings giving guidelines for citizens, we find this so interesting, especially as we see similar trends in current society.

Finally, an online exhibit showcasing quilts from La Plata county gives a glimpse into the lives of women at the time they were made. The beautiful images show the talent and skill needed to produce these various quilts.

The Animas Museum’s online exhibits are a great way to learn more about our local history, and a perfect opportunity for kids to learn about where we live. Take a look at these exhibits and enjoy learning more:


Post courtesy of The Durango Team

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