Slipping into VENUS RETRO!


We’re slipping into Venus Retrograde… a time of challenged and more volatile emotions… best way to cope, strive to stay balanced in  your spiritual center! 


I bet you have if you live in California… we all just had a Mercury Retrograde period and it’s rolling around the corner again!  But not before Venus goes Retrograde first.  Hmmmm. What does it all mean?

MERCURY RETROGRADE— The planet Mercury rules the mind, communication, business, & transportation— and when it is Retrograde, we can become confused, communication can break down, and all things related can be compromised.  We just had this condition from July 25th to August 19th, 2018.  I sure felt it did you?  Next one is from November 16th to December 6th, 2018.

Al’s Manning of the world famous ESP LAB had to say: “Mercury Retrograde tears the hell out of communications in general and presents a bad time to start new projects. But it is a good time for cleaning out your closets and finishing off old or stalled projects.  By staying carefully and deliberatively positive, we can handle it all and go forward together.  Let’s do it!”

 Think of a Mercury Retro survival plan: 1) don’t panic. 2) say less not more. 3) stay in your spiritual center. 4) be patient with all communications. 5) prune all unnecessary activity – especially travel plans and new projects. 6) avoid new purchases – especially computers, automobiles, and electronic devices. 7) know that this aspect has a beginning, a middle, and an end… keep plodding through it. This is a good opportunity to slow down a little and be centered in the peace and love of the Divine.  Celebrate rest, seeing established friends and family and enjoy anyway!

Of course each one of us responds to the Celestial influences differently—and since I am a Libran, and very mental, I am more strongly impacted than other signs. And with Venus, when it goes Retrograde—I feel it more strongly since I am ruled by Venus,

But we all need to know about VENUS RETROGRADE as we are all affected by love.  AND, it is important to note that Venus turns Retrograde on October 5th and this will last 6 weeks Oh my! Venus, the goddess of LOVE, takes a six week vacation and turns her back on all of us!!

VENUS DI MILO, backside, compliments of the Louvre

And on the day Venus turns direct—November 16th— Mercury goes Retro later that same day– for 3 weeks… and so we will have 9 weeks of Retrograde motion from two key planets.  Wow, our November 2, election will be challenged!! Folks will be out of their minds with emotion!! and dis-satisfaction!!

When Venus goes Retrograde the tendency is for everyone to be dis-satisfied about everything for the 6 week period.  If you are married you might want a divorce, if you are a stock broker you would rather be a bum.  If you live in Hawaii you want to move to the mainland, basically you just can’t take it anymore, whatever it is.  Watchword is to NOT make major changes during this period as they probably will not serve you.  Keep your friends, your location, your employment—even though dis-satisfied.  While troublesome in the moment “this too shall pass.”  Nourish yourself with B vitamins and good thoughts.  The period can be especially emotional… so plod through it as you strive to stay centered.  Prune unnecessary actions, but do what must be done. 

Once we get through this it won’t happen again for another year and a half.  Ahhh!

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