Hiking in Durango Colorado Area – Hiking Tips

Hiking in Durango Colorado Area – Hiking Tips


The San Juan Mountains are filled with trails that the entire family will enjoy, but it is extremely important to select a trail that will best suit the entire family and not over-extend anyone. A good nights sleep helps and while hiking, always drink more water than usual. Remember to bring water with you because although the water in the streams and lakes looks clear, it may contain harmful bacteria so you should never drink it.

The best time to take a hike is in the morning because it frequently rains in the afternoon. Plan to reach your highest altitude by noon to avoid the threat of lightning. Hiking boots are ideal but any sturdy shoes with soles that grip will do. Whatever you wear on your feet, it is important to hike quietly. There is plenty of wildlife to see, so the quieter you are the better chance you’ll have of seeing some.

Carry a backpack with first-aid supplies, a compass, a map, quick energy foods, such as power bars, candy or dried fruit, water, warm clothing and rain gear even if you are only out for a half-day hike. Sunscreen should be used because there is more exposure to the sun at higher altitudes.

And finally, beware of high-altitude sickness, which is marked by headaches, irritability, irrationality, nausea or vomiting. If you have these symptoms, get to a lower altitude as soon as possible. Drink plenty of water and eat foods high in carbohydrates.

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