Rain, snow and cold move into Durango!

Rain, snow and cold move into Durango!  Today, Monday we are having mixed precipitation of some light snow and some rain.

Three to five inches was projected.  Monday should be the coldest day of the week with a high of 35 degrees and a freezing low of 19 degrees F.  Actual rain and snow received here in Durango was less than estimated though folks to the north and the south of us got more precipitation.

We are all glad for the moisture!!!  Humidity is high for a change at 88% and sunny skies are projected for the week ahead.  Let the rain fall down.  Let the snow hit those high mountains… not too much just right!

Estimated temperatures for Durango over the next few days will offer a high of 65 degrees F for next week’s Wed and Thursday.  Projected lows will be from 28 degrees to 30 degrees F.

For more Durango weather please visit: https://durangodowntown.com/durango-colorado-climate/

First fall snow touches Animas Mountain in Animas Valley Durango Colorado October 26th 2020

Photo by Sam Rose

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