Animas Valley Balloon Rally

Durango offers a lifestyle unlike most places in the world—events and festivals, food and outdoor activities. This week, we celebrate the third annual Animas Valley Balloon Rally, October 18-20, 2019. It’s a special weekend to color the sky and watch these fascinating balloons.

There are several opportunities to watch the balloons in the sky. On Friday morning, there will be a Media Flight from Hermosa Meadows Road to kick off the weekend. Friday evening is the special downtown Balloon Glow. Hot air balloons will be on Main in front of the train depot, and visitors can watch the balloons inflate. They’ll light up the sky and look huge downtown! Friday evening there will also be a portable t shirt station as well. The event will feature candlesticks, which are the baskets and lighters without the balloons. Pilots will even let people in the baskets to pull the burners.

Saturday morning will be the mass ascension and several balloons will float into the sky at once from Hermosa Meadows Road. Kids will even have the opportunity to have a free tethered balloon ride! Saturday evening is an on-the-ground show, where the balloons will light up the valley at Hermosa Meadows Road. Sunday morning the mass ascension concludes the weekend full of events.

This is such a fun event for Durango, and relatively new. It’s exciting to see it gain traction and we look forward to another fun balloon rally. Here’s the website for more information:

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