Want to cool off on these hotter summer days? Delicious GELATO is back at GUIDO’S PIZZA PASTA PANINI… with great flavors to choose.  There was a temporary hiatus while the GELATO maker was refurbished, but now the wait is over!

Gelato ready to be served up on a hot day - Only at Guido's!

Gelato ready to be served up on a hot day – Only at Guido’s!

And yes the pizza ovens did finally arrive. Guido’s now offers gourmet pizzas as well as fabulous Italian cuisine, espresso, and fine wines… located at 1201 Main in beautiful Durango, Colorado. Patio dining available!

Why GELATO you may ask, vs ice cream?  For one thing it is just SO GOOD! And for those watching fat and sugar– GELATO has LESS! less than conventional USA ice cream.  Frozen quickly in small batches– GELATO has a more intense flavor than US style ice creams.  But don’t just take my word for it… pop in to Guido’s and experience GELATO yourself!!  AND It’s the perfect topper to any great meal.

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Or get personal and drop by Guido’s!
by Sam Rose, Gelato enthusiast

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