Forget the June Wedding: Why a Fall Wedding is Ideal

Christina-Kiffney-Photo-Durango-Wedding-1Statistics show that over 2.3 million couples get married every year in the US, and that breaks down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day! However, we all know that there are some months more popular for getting married, and that the June wedding is still seen as ideal by many. In fact, 10.8% of all weddings take place in June, and 10.2% take place in August. Spring and summer weddings remain most popular, but in places like Durango, a fall wedding can be just as beautiful!

While research shows that less than 10% of couples choose to wed in September (9.6%), this number continues to decline in October (9.4%) and November (7.4%). However, the months of October, November, and early December have also been quite popular with some celebrities; director-actor duo Jeffrey Hayden and Eva Marie Saint got married on October 28, and that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore chose November 21 as their wedding date when they got hitched. So why exactly is a fall wedding a good choice?

It’s simple: it’s just more practical. Because the wedding is at an off-peak season, most vendors will be happy to give you discounted rates, and many of your guests will be able to work the wedding into their schedules without worrying about other plans. Summer weddings often have to contend with family vacations, and because summer is a popular season for weddings, vendors are wont to increase their rates to make the most money during the season. Even venues will be cheaper, and because the weather is less extreme in the fall, you won’t have to worry much about heating or air conditioning. The beautiful, changing colors of the leaves should also serve as a great backdrop for a vintage wedding.

And where are the best places to have a fall wedding in Durango? Durango Weddings Magazine has featured some beautiful fall weddings that have taken place at Durango Mountain Resort (Purgatory), which is famous for taking care of everything from the venue, to catering, to lodging for the wedding party. Cascade Village is also a popular venue, as well as  Purgatory Resort Village has become well-known in Durango. The reason these venues are so popular for fall weddings is that fall is perfect for outdoor themes, and although the weather can get a bit chillier in the fall, it’s still completely manageable for couples and their guests. No matter what the season, Durango’s range of beautiful scenery is a great choice for anyone who wants to get married in scenic Colorado.

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