What’s Involved in Holistic Drug Rehab?

“Holistic rehab” is a term that’s used to describe substance use disorder treatment that offers unique therapeutic approaches known as holistics. Holistic therapies are designed to treat an individual as a whole in terms of mind, body, and spirit. The objective of holistic rehabilitation programs is to utilize alternative practices as a supplement to traditional treatment to achieve optimal wellness in preparation for a life in recovery.

The majority of holistic rehabilitation programs use complementary and alternative medicine or CAM treatments including:

  • Yoga and meditationHolistic
  • Mindfulness
  • Experiential therapies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Art and music therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Exercise and fitness

One of the benefits of holistic rehabilitation programs is that there is a wide variety of practices and techniques utilized in the treatment of substance use disorder. This means that individuals can explore new activities in a therapeutic environment that can become useful coping mechanisms to maintain recovery.

Different holistic therapies have their own benefits, for example:

  • Meditation encourages self-awareness by encouraging participants to focus on breathing and silencing internal dialogue.
  • Art and music therapy explore different methods of non-verbal communication for better self-expression.
  • Experiential therapies encourage patients to challenge themselves in environments and situations beyond their comfort zone. This leads them to discover qualities in themselves they may have lost touch with or been previously unaware of.
  • Exercise and fitness strengthen the body and makes it more resilient in recovery. It also serves to boost self-esteem and encourage the natural production of endorphins for a feel-good sensation.
  • Nutritional counseling advises patients on replacing the minerals and vitamins their bodies need for full recovery which may have been lost as a result of a poor diet.

Individual, Group and Family Therapy as Part of Holistic Rehab Drug Treatment

An integral part of drug rehabilitation therapy is individual and group therapy which is considered a traditional treatment. Individual sessions provide patients with the opportunity to delve deep into their psyche under the guidance of a therapist in order to unravel the causes of their addiction. Group sessions are also valuable as a mechanism for introducing patients to a sober community, where others in similar situations to their own are also receiving treatment. This “level playing field” allows for open communication in a non-judgmental environment.

Families of people with substance use disorder are generally as affected by the illness as the sufferer themselves. Family therapy provides the setting for guided communication between loved ones with the objective of finding a recovery solution as a family unit. Being able to express negative feelings and concerns openly and without fear of creating confrontation is enormously helpful in rebuilding important relationships.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Holistic Rehab Treatment Centers

Another traditional practice used in rehab treatment centers is cognitive behavioral therapy. This is an evidence-based treatment that explores the thought processes and behavioral patterns surrounding a person’s substance abuse. In CBT sessions, patients are encouraged to recognize the behaviors they need to adapt in order to achieve rehabilitation from drugs and then shown how to implement those changes in real-life situations.

CBT is considered to be extremely effective in addiction treatment as it empowers patients to make conscious and healthy choices in the future. When someone has been abusing drugs for some time, they will have lost their ability to choose when and how much they use. Using drugs becomes an almost unconscious action in response to certain stimuli (withdrawal symptoms) which is a behavior that can be reversed through intensive CBT sessions.

When Are Holistic Rehab Treatment Centers the Right Choice?

We live in a truly diverse society and people have wide-ranging spiritual and religious beliefs. Attitudes towards holistic practices vary according to a person’s belief system but in general, they are considered the perfect option for people who want to align themselves with more natural treatment principals.

Not everyone feels confident in using chemical medications to treat drug dependence and addiction and holistic rehabilitation therapy provides them with alternative routes to recovery. It is important that patients receive treatment they understand and that resonates with their lifestyles and personal beliefs in order to achieve sustainable recovery.

People who have experienced drug dependency or addiction often enter into rehab drug treatment in a disconnected state. Their bodies will have lost their natural balance as a result of negative chemical influences and insufficient nutrition. More often than not, someone entering rehabilitation therapy will also be in an emotional and psychologically fragile state and it is also not uncommon for some to have concurrent mental illnesses to deal with as well.

All of these factors make holistic rehab drug treatment the right choice for someone seeking help that is more likely to result in sustained sobriety. Holistic approaches offer many techniques and tools that can serve patients well for years into recovery that can be modified to meet individual preferences and needs. Ultimately, the benefits of holistic rehab are numerous which is why it is increasingly the first option when someone is seeking treatment for drug abuse.


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