Motorbike Safety Tips Ahead Of The Four Corners Motorcycle Rally

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The streets of Durango come alive over Labor Day weekend, as motorcycles from all over the country rally together for a trip along the Million Dollar Highway. The event kicks off at the Harley Davidson Durango shop, and live entertainment and great food naturally accompany the event. Every day of the weekend has something special, such as the Silverton Poker Chip Run, the Hot Bike Chopper Show, and a Hooligan Dirt Dash. While event organizers put safety measures in place to ensure attendees remain safe, those who ride in for the rally on their motorcycles need to follow a few safety guidelines too.

Always Wear Protective Gear 

It’s tempting to show up in showman style and frolick around in a bikini or other celebratory clothing, but this is inappropriate for riding. While the event does give some freedom for riders to express themselves, the dangers of riding a motorcycle still exist. Protective clothing is the first barrier of defence for riders should they be thrown off their bikes. Helmets, eye protection, good riding boots, and thick clothing go a long way to ensure that riders don’t experience painful roasties or worse.

Choose The Right Motorcycle For The Event 

A superbike on a dirt road might not do so well, and a chopper during a high-speed race will also have its troubles, and could potentially be a security risk. In order for riders to participate in the various events taking place during the rally, it’s important to match the bike to the event for the best results. Different bikes are balanced differently, have different tyres, and feature specialized aerodynamics to suit the purpose they’re designed for. While there are those who perform insane stunts on bikes that are meant for other purposes, these are professionals who dedicate their lives to learn their chosen bike inside out.

Know The Odds 

According to research, riding a motorcycle is 28 times less safe than driving a car, and part of the reason is that drivers are known to display aggressive behavior towards cyclists and motorcycle riders. This often leaves riders stuck in half lanes or cut off unexpectedly. One of the best ways to prevent injury or accidents is by riding in anticipation of the worst road behavior drivers can exhibit, in order to have enough time to get out of the situation without a scratch. For rally attendees, this will extend to crowds, as pedestrians can also be quite unpredictable.

The open road is undoubtedly the lure of this rally, and the camaraderie displayed by bikers over this weekend will have non-bikers wishing they were part of the fun. If you plan to attend, however, before sure to follow all the safety precautions to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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