Durango Pets & Pet care

Durango pets & pet care


The only public place within the Durango city limits where you can take your dog to play, no leash required! Smelter Mountain & Highway 160 West

The area at the base of Smelter Mountain is equipped with pet pick up bags and trash receptacles.

The designated parking area is located at the first driveway west of the Off-leash Area entrance on Highway 160, or at Schneider Park on Roosa Avenue. Accesss from Schneider Park using the Highway 160 underpath.


All dogs must be under visual supervision and voice control by owners at all times.
Aggressive dogs are not permitted.
Owners are legally responsible for any and all injury or destruction of property caused by their dog.
Owners must have their dogs on leash when entering and leaving the Off-Leash Area.
All dogs must be properly licensed, vaccinated and wear a collar with ID tags at all times.
Dispose of garbage properly.
Overnight camping or parking is not permitted.
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
Respect other users in the area.
Use of the Off-Leash Area is at your own risk.