Open Shutter Gallery to celebrate 15th Anniversary during Gallery Walk

15th Anniversary Opening Reception with Holly Roberts, Margy Dudley

Open Shutter Gallery to celebrate 15th Anniversary during Fall Gallery Walk, 5 p.m., Friday Sept. 16.

EXHIBITION TITLES: Fox Dreaming, by Holly Roberts, and Timbuktu & Beyond, by Margy Dudley
EXHIBITION DATES: Fox Dreaming, September 16 to November 30, 2016. Timbuktu & Beyond, September 16 to October 19, 2016.
VENUE: Open Shutter Gallery, 735 Main Ave., Durango, Colorado.
OPENING HOURS: 10 A.M. – 6 P.M. Mon – Sat
ARTISTS’ RECEPTION: September 16, 5 – 9 p.m. Durango, CO: Come celebrate 15 years of contemporary fine art photography at the Open Shutter Gallery with new exhibitions opening at 5 p.m. September 16 during Fall Gallery Walk.

Holly Roberts Fox Dreaming opens September 16 in the main gallery and continues through November 30. The exhibition Timbuktu & Beyond by Open Shutter Gallery owner Margy Dudley opens in the Red Room Gallery the same night and continues through October 19. Jeremy Wade Shockley The Streets of Guanajuato will also open in the Vault Gallery, and will continue through October 19. Roberts collection of collaged images combine paint and photography to create narratives that are more metaphoric than literal. The people, animals, and landscapes of the Southwest inspire her work, and her subjects are “usually awkward, somewhat threatening, and most often a little lonely,” Roberts says.

She works intuitively to create images exploring themes of environmental degradation, spiritual meaning, religious extremism, aging, and modern stress and anxiety. “The large concerns in my life are at the core of my work.” Dudley’s exhibition of new work Timbuktu and Beyond is inspired by the sense of timelessness she experienced while traveling in Africa. “I have manipulated the photographs to appear as wet plate colloidal prints, a process that was one of the earliest forms of image printing.”

Dudley began photographing in Africa during a trip to Timbuktu in 2009, and says she “felt drawn back.” Since, she’s traveled to other countries, including Senegal, Ethiopia, and Madagascar, where she’s experienced the art, culture, and music of these unique countries. Sometimes traveling alone, she immerses herself in the organic and ancient traditions from centuries past. “The people I met were always welcoming.”

The title of Dudley’s exhibition is borrowed from her long-running weekly radio show on KDUR where she highlights African music from many of the places in the photographs. Shockley will share new color images from Guanajuato, Mexico. His exhibition is comprised of photographs he made while exploring the streets and haciendas in this culturally rich mountainous region. The event is free and open to the public. Dudley and Shockley will be available at the opening to discuss their work.

About Holly Roberts:

Holly Roberts creates works of art by combining paint and photographs. She earned her M.F.A. from Arizona State University and has two books published by Nazraeli Press. She lives and works in New Mexico, and teaches workshops around the country. Roberts will lead a workshop October 8 and 9 at the Durango Arts Center, in Durango, Colorado.

About Margy Dudley and The Open Shutter Gallery:

Margy Dudley was raised in New York City where she first picked up a camera in grade school. She moved to Durango with her family 17 years ago to live closer to the wilderness. Realizing a need to showcase fine art photography in the region, she founded the Open Shutter Gallery more than 15 years ago. The exhibits in the gallery have expanded to include the work of many well known photographers from around the world including Paul Caponigro, Josef Hoflehner, and Elliott Erwitt.

After many fulfilling years of representing the work of other fine art photographers, Dudley will be closing the gallery on November 30, 2016 to pursue her own work. She will continue to remain active locally in the busy art community and the gallery will remain available on line and by appointment.

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Media: Contact Rachel Shockley at and 970-382-8355 with questions and for more information. Photographs to accompany this release must be credited: Holly Roberts and Margy Dudley respectively. Editorial license only.

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