Highway 550 will CLOSE temporarily this Saturday May 29th

The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic is back, and that means a portion of Highway 550 will be closed for the event.

When: Sat. May 29th, from 8:30am – 1:30pm

Where: Hwy 550 from Purgatory Resort to Silverton

Alternate Routes North: Northbound traffic leaving Durango during this period will be traveling in Southbound lane north on Highway 550 from the city limits north to Hermosa, then merging back in to northbound lane near the railroad tracks.

Alternate Routes South: Southbound traffic will be rerouted onto County Road 203 from the north Hermosa end to the start of County Road 203 just north of the city limits of Durango,

Drivers traveling along this route are encouraged to leave early to avoid the closure beginning at 8:30am. This includes family & friends that are providing transportation home after the event. Drivers must be past Purgatory resort by 8:30am.

Other Travel Delays: Beginning at 6am on 5/29 drivers should expect slow travel to accommodate the numerous events of the Iron Horse Bicycle classic. Racers begin at Main Avenue and 33rd Street. These delays are expected to last until 9am.

Iron Horse Hwy 550 Closure Routes


Source: The Durango Herald and IronHorseBicycleClassic.com


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