Blue Sky Day– fun in the sun; play in the snow! WINTER FUN!!

Today is a Blue Sky Day– a time for fun in the sun with play in the snow! WINTER FUN!!

Colorado is blessed with 280 to 300 days of sunshine per year… and along with that comes the most awesome blue sky.  We get some snow, and then the bright blue mountain sun dazzles your eyes with sparkles of brightness!

Durango, Colorado is the center of my universe– and I am a local and global citizen.  Durango, known as the jewel of the Southwest, is surrounded by twelve mountains over 14,000 feet tall and over 3,000,000 acres of national forest.

So we Durangotangs do live in a wonderful wilderness area, and yet have great food and drink, art galleries, and great cultural experiences.

Go north and you will find spectacular beauty…

here is the magnificent Needles Mountain on the way toward Purgatory, our ski resort.

Needles Mountain north of Durango, CO near Purgatory Ski Resort/photo Sam Rose


Purgatory is popular not only for skiing and snow boarding– but for the culture… and the most awesome views.

Rugged San Juan Mountains near Purgatory/photo Sam Rose

My friends and I hiked around the area, then each enjoyed a tasty bloody Mary by the fire pit, behind Purgy’s as the sun went down.

And of course inside we found live music, with good food and drinks.

Sun comes up, sun goes down– Sky turns from bright blue to midnight velvet with diamond stars sparkling… lots of entertainment available… inside and out… great opportunities for fun– just use your imagination!!!

And a good time was had by all.

Photos, video and story by Sam Rose, Adventurer





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